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Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:
As we prepare for the start of the new academic year all across Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education, we want to ensure you have tools to help you stay informed about the State System and our 14 public universities.

You are one click away from the State System’s Fact Center (, which is an online resource for information about:

• Benefits of higher education
• Collective bargaining
• Economic impact
• Faculty & staff data
• Financial data
• Points of pride
• Student data
• System overview
• University fast facts
Through this Fact Center, you can also choose to “subscribe” for updates on many of these topics. As public universities, we are committed to providing the public with easy access to information that is relevant and useful. We hope the Fact Center is a resource that will help everyone better understand our universities.
Enter Fact Center
Now, let’s have a great year!
Best regards,
Frank T. Brogan