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​​What happens if a faculty member chooses to strike? 

The State System provides the following information to the public to explain the pay and benefits status of university faculty who choose to continue to work during a strike and for those faculty who choose to participate in a strike.

For faculty who choose not to s​trike: 

Faculty members who exercise their lawful​ right to continue to work during a strike will continue to be paid and to receive benefits. Faculty members who choose to continue to work must notify the University-designated official by 5 p.m. on the first day of the called strike. This will assist the University in properly maintaining the employee’s access to university technology and benefits for employees who continue to work. 

For facul​ty who choose to s​trike:
  1. State law prohibits pay or compensation for the period a faculty member is engaged in a strike. 

  2. Medical/prescription drug coverage terminates on the first day of the strike (those benefits for dependents also terminate). Striking faculty members may elect to purchase COBRA coverage to continue their medical/prescription drug coverage at their own expense. 

  3. Tuition waiver benefits for the member and their dependents terminate on the first day of the strike absence. Students will be billed at the end of the semester on a pro-rata basis. 

  4. Eligibility for the employer-paid group life insurance benefits will cease on the last date of the month the employee began participating in a strike. Faculty members may convert their life insurance coverage and pay premiums based upon age and amount of insurance directly to the insurance company. 

  5. Voluntary group life and personal accident insurance coverage and long-term disability coverage benefits terminate on the first day of the strike.

  6. No medical or dependent care account reimbursements for expenses incurred while on strike will be made through the flexible spending account program.

  7. The State System will not make contributions to the Faculty Health and Welfare Fund on behalf of striking faculty members.

  8. Faculty members on strike are not eligible for unemployment compensation.

  9. Faculty members on strike will not have access to areas not accessible to the general public nor to university technology, such as email and D2L, for the time period that they are engaging in a strike.

  10. Faculty members injured while on strike will not be covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

  11. Faculty members will not be reimbursed for conferences and travel expenses that occur while on strike.