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Welcome to INSIDE PASSHE. This section of the website contains organizational, policy and strategic initiative information for leaders and staff of the PASSHE university system and the general public. 

Whether on an individual PASSHE campus or in the Office of the Chancellor in Harrisburg, State System priorities are developed in consultation with the Board of Governors and implemented through basic management groups:

Academic and Students Affairs
Administration and Finance
Human Resources and Labor Relations
External Relations

The Office of the Chancellor is the centralized provider of legal services.  




how, when and where learning occurs.


PASSHE is committed to leading the way in improving how students learn, faculty teach and courses are delivered. Students deserve the highest quality academic programs possible, delivered in ways most conducive to learning. This will include inter-university collaboration, the appropriate integration of new technologies and the design of facilities that reflect the needs of today’s students.

how resources necessary to ensure student success are generated and sustained.


Retaining PASSHE’s position as the most affordable of all four-year colleges and universities in the Commonwealth has been and will continue to be a guiding principle.   Identifying adequate resources in difficult economic times will require continual rethinking of university entrepreneurship and flexibility: realization that new ways of conducting operations is essential.

how the universities relate to their communities.


PASSHE universities have an obligation to enhance the quality of life of their host communities and to help improve local  regional economic conditions.  ​They share a mutually beneficial relationship that must be nurtured and enhanced in ways that respect and utilize each other’s strengths. 

how PASSHE partners with the Commonwealth in creating and delivering a shared vision of the future.


PASSHE universities will continue to play an active role in helping public and private leaders shape and meet their goals for the future.  Ninety percent of PASSHE students are state residents and eighty percent remain immediately after graduation. They are truly Pennsylvania's future. PASSHE universities house Small Business Development Centers and Entrepreneurial Leadership Centers designed to assist current business partners and develop leadership skills essential to successful careers. Through the strategic use of technology PASSHE universities will bring job training and career enhancement to currently underserved areas.