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April 19-20, 2017
PACT Spring 2017 Conference

Sheraton Harrisburg Hershey Hotel

The conference promises to be dynamic and full of valuable information.  We encourage your attendance and active participation in our PACT conferences and workshops!

On behalf of the PACT Executive Board, thank you for supporting the 2016 PACT Fall Workshop that was recently held at the Dixon University Center in Harrisburg on October 7, 2016. It was a great meeting that was facilitated in conjunction with our new partner, Association of Governing Boards (AGB). This partnership has provided PACT with additional resources to continue its focus on Governance and the role of the trustee, along with a special initiative for Board Engagement in College Completion and Attainment. With support from the Lumina Foundation, this initiative is aimed at strengthening institution, system, and state attainment goals by enhancing board governance and leadership. 

Links to the materials AGB provided are located in the navigation on the left. 

Snapshot of Fall 2016 Workshops: 

  • System Update from Chancellor Brogan and newly elected Board of Governor’s Chair, Cynthia Shapira
  • Workforce Update from Dr. Sue Mukherjee, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Educational Intelligence
  • Workshops facilitated by AGB with participation from System Presidents, trustees, staff and administrators
  • Tom Meredith (AGB Senior Fellow) will facilitate two workshops:
    -- Consequential Boards
    -- Getting Students to the Finish Line
  • Artis Hampshire-Cowen (AGB Senior Fellow) will facilitate a third workshop:
    -- Role of Boards in a Diverse and Inclusive Campus



The PACT Executive Board is pleased to offer "The Role of Trustee in Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education." This document was designed to provide not only an initial orientation for new trustees in conjunction with their university orientation, but also to provide a reference tool for all our State System trustees.



Please reach out to Charissa Williams (717-720-4125) with any questions, comments or recommendations regarding your PACT website.