Dear Trustees,

September was a big month in the PACT world as we completed the first series of Regional PACT meetings. Based on conversations with a number of trustees, it appears that they were very successful and well received. 

As the PACT president I attended all the meetings that were held at Slippery Rock, East Stroudsburg, and Kutztown. In addition to marveling at how long it takes to drive across Pennsylvania, I was amazed at the differences in the tone of the meetings. 

In the west, there was a great deal of attention paid to the analytics dealing with advocacy; in the northeast, the Chancellor’s talk created the most conversation; and in the southeast, the proposed ACT 188 changes had much more debate than in the other regions. It was a real reminder to me that our system is a collection of fourteen unique universities and identities. 

​One of the items passed out at the meeting was the Trustee Accountability booklet that included the “PACT developed” trustee job description, trustee statement of commitment, trustee self-evaluation form, and the COT evaluation document. Unfortunately, the booklet that was handed out contained some errors in it. I really apologize for the mix up. 

The correct Trustee Accountability booklet is available here​. I hope you and your Councils will discuss these documents and strongly consider using them at year-end to document your successes and your progress as a Council. The intent of this process is not punitive in any way. It is simply a means to help us all grow and improve individually as well as collectively. 

Last year the PACT committee that recommended having regional meetings suggested that we have these meetings in the fall and winter and then a full membership meeting in the spring. However, knowing how busy everyone is, the PACT Executive committee will be meeting later​ this month or next to discuss whether or not there is sufficient business to warrant the winter regional meetings. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the fall meetings or the prospective winter meetings. 

Next week I will be attending the Board of Governors meeting in Kutztown. While I have not yet seen the complete agenda, I believe there will be updates and discussions about the system redesign, legislative agenda, and the executive performance review process. I expect that the discussion concerning the legislative agenda will reflect the comments that were made by the trustees at the regional meetings. I will share any updates with you next month. 

Finally, I have been told that trustee appointments and reappointments to our Councils are on the Senate’s agenda for later this month. Currently 59 of the 140 non-student trustee positions are either vacant or have expired. 

My opinion is that it is more difficult for trustees with expired terms to be as involved as those with an active appointment. With so much change in the air, we need trustees to be more engaged than ever. If you have the opportunity, please contact your state senator and urge him or her to take action on these positions during the upcoming session.​

PACT President

 PACT Execut​ive Board Me​mbers


Jeffrey Smith, Trustee Chair and President
Slippery Rock University

John Wabby, Trustee,  1st Vice President
Kutztown University

Milissa Bauer, 2nd Vice President 
Clarion University

Mary Coploff, Secretary
Lock Haven University

Karen Russell, Treasurer
Mansfield University


Ed Edwards, Trustee
Bloomsburg University

Stephen DeFrank, Trustee
California University

Cheyney University

Marcus​ Lingenfelter, Trustee
East Stroudsburg University

Harold Shields, Trustee
Edinboro University

Nathan Spade, Trustee
Indiana University

Rich Frerichs, Trustee
Millersville University

Andrew Paris, Trustee
Shippensburg University

Stephen Kinsey, Trustee
West Chester University​​​​