System Redesign Phase 2

Project Progress ​


System Redesign Teams 

​The System Redesign project has formalized a project structure to define completion of the overall implementation plan. The project structure and team charges are defined below. The composition of each team was intentionally designed to be cross-functional, representing different perspectives across campuses as well as a mix of institutional characteristics (big/small, east/west, etc) where possible.​​​​​


University S​uccess Teams

Budget Team​

​Ensure that the System’s budget process results in consistent application of terms, guidelines and expectations by all universities to result in reliable, consistent, and realistic projections based on audited financial data and used to predict changes in financial position over the budget year(s). Realign the System’s allocation of state general fund and capital appropriations to the new budget planning and investment process.

Investment Team

Establish a strategic investment strategy to improve System performance toward its goals for a sharing system whose hallmarks are student and university success.

Academic Su​​ccess Teams

Collaborative PASSHE Team

Develop and implement a cross-institutional delivery of academic programs identified by the Chief Academic Officers (and backed by an analysis of related data) as having significant capacity at individual institutions to ensure students timely completion (initial focus on languages, physics and philosophy)

PASSHE Online Pathways Team

Assess need, readiness and potential return on investment for PASSHE Online Pathways, an online system-wide consortium for recruitment, student-support services, and single and multi-university online pathways, that will advance online degree completion and workforce development especially for post-traditional students who have attained some college credits but not a desired degree. Make recommendations for developing, implementing and assessing PASSHE Online Pathways, including goals and strategies, investment needs (fiscal, human, data, and technology), quality assurance, labor relations and policy solutions, special program and regional accreditation challenges and solutions, student services, budget models, strategic partnerships, assessments, and implementation plan and timeline.

Developmental Education Team

Review current approaches to meeting developmental education needs via adaptive learning platforms and other methods for potential broader system-wide implementation through shared services.

Student Succ​ess & Retention

Charges being defined