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Will prepare students for a career in a field that utilizes therapeutic musical activities as a form of physical and mental healthcare. Music therapists address emotional, cognitive, social and physical needs of their clients. The new degree will complement the university’s programs in art therapy, speech pathology, counseling, social work and nursing. Graduates will be able to work in a variety of locations, including hospitals, medical schools, clinics, senior citizen centers and residential settings.
Link1/21/2016YesMusic Therapy
Designed to prepare students with the skills, experience and knowledge necessary to develop and succeed at their own businesses. “The goal is to help today’s students become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs by combining a small, supportive incubator environment and linking that to a high-quality liberal arts education.” The new program was designed to meet the accreditation standards of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International.
Slippery RockGraduate
Will provide students with the skills to address client needs through a comprehensive synthesis of theories, research, treatment knowledge, musicianship, clinical skills and personal awareness. It will complement other related university programs focused on health and wellness, such as physical therapy, counseling, adapted physical activity, physician’s assistant and nursing. Students, who will be able to enroll full-time or part-time, will take a set of core requirements and will have opportunities to take further electives in music therapy or to take electives in counseling, special education or gerontology, depending on their preferred area of specialty. 
Link1/21/2016YesMusic Therapy
Slippery RockGraduate
A 10-month, cohort-based program with options for both full-time and part-time students. Health informatics includes positions involved with the collection, handling and processing of healthcare information for a variety of purposes, including billing and medical quality assurance. Accurate coding of patient records is fundamental to the healthcare system, both to providing treatment and to ensuring providers get paid by insurance companies.
Link1/21/2016YesHealth Informatics
Slippery RockGraduate
Will provide a terminal degree for career teaching positions in English as a second, foreign or additional language. Employment opportunities for graduates will include teaching in a university-level intensive English program, teaching abroad in an English as a foreign language context, or teaching at a community college or urban literacy program in the United States or other English-speaking countries such as Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Beyond the traditional pathway of the profession, consultant or salaried coaching positions within multi-national companies also serve as potential career tracks.
Lock Haven, Slippery Rock and West ChesterGraduate
The three new Master of Science in athletic training degree programs at Lock Haven, Slippery Rock and West Chester Universities of Pennsylvania all were developed in response to a decision by the Strategic Alliance of the Board of Certification, the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association and the NATA Research and Education Foundation’s to change the first professional degree in the field from a bachelor’s degree to a master’s degree. 

Each of the universities currently offers a Bachelor of Science in athletic training degree program. The new master’s programs will replace those undergraduate programs.
Link1/21/2016YesAthletic Training
The Master of Science in accounting degree, which will be offered online, will prepare individuals for careers in public accounting or auditing. As the accounting field has become more specialized, the M.S. in accounting has become the preferred degree for those who desire careers in public accounting, according to the 2015 report from the American Institute of Certified Public Accounting. These programs now enroll 88 percent of all master’s level students desiring careers in public accounting. The program will be housed within the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International accredited College of Business Administration and Information Science. (available beginning in Spring 2016)
The Bachelor of Arts in art history degree will include coursework in art history for students seeking additional graduate-level study in art history or related areas; career opportunities in the arts, museums, and cultural venues; or a path toward a graduate degree in a disparate field, such as law or business. It will prepare individuals for a variety of high-level careers with art galleries, centers and museums. The arts are a Program of Distinction at KU. The art history minor, started in spring 2013, is the university’s sixth-largest minor. (Fall 2016)
10/8/2015YesArt History
The Bachelor of Science in automation and intelligent robotics engineering technology degree will prepare individuals to work with multiple types of technology to design and implement projects that have advanced programming needs. Possible career fields include software engineering, research and development, computer and systems engineering and robotics programming. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of power, electronic systems and formal programming techniques common in industry. There is a high demand for robotics engineers in the state and region, according to the state Department of Labor & Industry. As an example, Foxconn Technology Group, a global electronics manufacturer that makes Apple Inc.'s iPhone, is planning to invest $40 million in Pennsylvania, including $30 million for a site in Dauphin County. The new high-technology manufacturing facility would create 500 jobs over the next two years, many in the fields of robotics and advanced manufacturing. (Spring 2016)
The Doctor of Nursing Practice in nursing practice degree is designed to prepare advanced practice nurses with the higher-level training and skills needed in today’s dynamic health care environment. The program will focus on practice-oriented, evidence-based research analysis and application within the health care community. Unique to this particular program is the regional focus, such as the importance of understanding and addressing the regional health issues among the Amish and Plain communities. (Summer 2016)
10/8/2015YesNursing Practice
Slippery RockUndergraduate
The Bachelor of Science in corporate security degree program is designed to prepare students for careers in a wide array of corporate security fields, including security management, fraud/economic crime, risk management, personnel security management and physical security management. Courses will be taught face-to-face, online, and blended, which will maximize flexibility for students. Graduates will possess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to prevent, detect, investigate and correct organizational security breaches due to man-made and natural disasters that threaten property, people, information, economic assets and business continuity. The program will prepare students with the requisite work experience to obtain certifications from the American Society of Industrial Security International, the Certified Fraud Examiners organization, National Association of Legal Investigators, or various private security management firms that offer the Facility Security Officer certificate. (Fall 2016)
10/8/2015NoCorporate Security
Slippery RockUndergraduate
The Bachelor of Science in homeland security degree program will prepare students to become experts in the prevention, detection, investigation and remediation of threats to the United States. It will be taught face-to-face, online and in blended settings. Students will take courses in policing and intelligence, risk assessment, threat detection, legalities, terrorism prevention, investigation, as well as disaster response, strategic planning, establishing collaborative partnerships and professional articulation/communication. Economic Modeling Specialists International predicts that the investigation and security services industry is set to grow by 17 percent between 2015 and 2025, adding more than 145,000 jobs to the national economy. In Butler County, where Slippery Rock is located, this industry is projected to add more than 400 new jobs in the next 10 years, growing by 28 percent. (Fall 2016)
10/8/2015NoHomeland Security
Slippery RockGraduate
The Master of Public Health in public health degree program will include concentrations in health promotion and wellness and environmental and occupational health. It will include both face-to-face teaching and online learning and can be completed in two years. Classes will be held at the Regional Learning Alliance in Cranberry Township and will be scheduled to accommodate working professionals. The program will follow a practitioner-based approach and the required capstone experience will provide an opportunity for students to further develop relevant experience in an applied setting. (Fall 2016)
10/8/2015YesPublic Health
West ChesterGraduate
The Master of Science in community nutrition degree program, which will be offered fully online, is the result of the reorganization of an existing program and was designed to better meet the demands of the nutrition profession, undergraduate student demand, market need and changes in health care. This change will allow the Nutrition Department to transition from providing a nutrition concentration within the Health Department’s MPH degree to a M.S. in community nutrition degree completely developed and managed within the Nutrition Department. The M.S. in community nutrition is expected to be a more desirable option for nutrition professionals than the current arrangement and will continue to attract recent WCU graduates, resulting in an even larger number of students pursuing graduate level nutrition education than currently exists in the nutrition concentration. (Spring 2016)
10/8/2015YesCommunity Nutrition
The new program at Clarion University will focus on nutrition, kinesiology and the numerous connections to health, wellness, fitness, and sport. Graduates will be prepared for employment in commercial fitness, strength and conditioning; cardiac rehabilitation; and corporate or community-based wellness professions. The interdisciplinary design of the program is intended to meet the flexible career needs of students and as such will qualify graduates to sit for various certification exams and will prepare them for graduate school.
3/13/2015NoNutrition and Fitness
Kutztown and MillersvilleGraduate
The new doctoral program to be offered by Kutztown and Millersville is designed to offer education and training to prepare graduates to create, implement and evaluate social work interventions—skills necessary for social work leaders—while simultaneously training them to teach advanced practice to undergraduate and graduate level students. The program is for accomplished professional social workers who are ready to take on advanced leadership positions in which they will create and evaluate innovative programs and best practices in executive and academic positions, as well as function as professional educators.
3/13/2015NoSocial Work Leadership
Slippery RockGraduate
The Master of Science in physician assistant studies program at Slippery Rock University will prepare graduates to pass the national certification exam, which they must pass before they can practice medicine. The program was developed to fill a shortage of health care providers both in the region and nationally, especially for patients with special needs. Slippery Rock offers several programs that provide health and clinically based education, including a doctorate in physical therapy and bachelor’s degrees in athletic training and nursing. The physician assistant program will begin in summer 2016 with an expected cohort of 52 students.
Link1/22/2015NoPhysician Assistant
The Master of Science in nutrition program at Mansfield University was designed primarily for working professionals seeking to advance their careers with health care organizations, community organizations, schools and in private practice. It will be offered totally online. Students will be able to complete the program in two years by taking two courses per semester or in four years by taking one course per semester, including summers. Courses within the program will advance students’ nutrition knowledge, improve their ability to effectively lead nutrition programs, and enhance their ability to interpret and conduct nutrition research. A capstone project or thesis will contribute to professional practice as a nutritionist. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs for dietitians and nutritionists is expected to grow by 21 percent from 2012 to 2020.
The Bachelor of Science in criminal justice administration at Clarion University of Pennsylvania will provide individuals with a two-year degree the opportunity to complete a four-year degree online, providing them with upward career mobility within the various criminal justice occupational fields such as corrections and law enforcement and court-related services such as probation, parole and rehabilitation. The online degree completion program will provide workers in the criminal justice field the flexibility to complete advanced coursework on a part-time basis that meets their schedules. Students enrolled in the new program will study managerial theory, applied research and analysis, budget and finance, policy evaluation and analysis, legal liability, conflict resolution and professional ethics.
Link1/22/2015NoCriminal Justice Administration
Millersville and ShippensburgGraduate
The Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership degree to be offered jointly by Millersville and Shippensburg Universities of Pennsylvania will focus on issues that especially impact poor school districts. It will prepare future school leaders to work with students in a wide variety of educational settings, including online and other forms of technology-mediated instruction, as well as charter and alternative schools. The program was designed to prepare rising school district, state level and organizational leaders for further career advancement. The program will be cohort driven and courses will be delivered in a blend of traditional, online and field-embedded formats, with most courses based at the Dixon University Center in Harrisburg.
Link1/22/2015NoEducational Leadership
The electrical engineering program at Shippensburg will prepare students for careers in a broad array of fields, including semiconductor design, mixed-signal embedded systems, industrial controls and communications system engineering. Graduates will have the skills necessary to design, build, test and manage these complex systems, skills that are in increasing demand in the Commonwealth and the surrounding region.
Link10/9/2014NoElectrical Engineering
The new Master of Science in cybersecurity degree at Cal U will prepare graduates with a comprehensive understanding of cyber systems and how to defend against cyber-attacks. Graduates will be able to obtain jobs in which network security knowledge and skills are required, to bridge the gap between technology and the laws that govern cybersecurity and to enhance the nation’s overall cybersecurity posture.

The program, which was developed in alignment with the National Professional Science Masters Association’s (NPSMA), will be delivered completely online. It will address critical workforce needs, driven by the growth in cyber attacks, which increased more than 300 percent between 2007 and 2012. Studies report the cost of cybercrime incidents grew 26 percent in one year to an average incident cost of more than $11 million.
Cal U’s Master of Science in applied mathematics was designed to prepare graduates with skills in advanced mathematics and big data analysis, as well as in leadership, technology and project management to meet the needs of employers in business, industry and government. This program also will be offered completely online.

The goal is to provide career-oriented graduates for occupations including actuaries, mathematical scientists, mathematicians, operations research analysts, statistical assistants and statisticians.
Link10/9/2014NoApplied Mathematics
Slippery RockGraduate
Slippery Rock University’s Master of Education in technology for online instruction degree will provide graduates with enhanced skills needed to teach K-12 students both online and in blended learning environments. The program will comprise 30 credits of coursework, including a capstone project where students will develop an online module including lessons, activities and assessments. The program itself will be offered online, as well. 

SRU currently offers an online graduate Letter of Completion in teaching online. The master’s program will be available to students in the LOC program who are interested in seamlessly advancing into the master’s degree program with advanced credit.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) estimates more than half of public high schools have students enrolled in some distance education courses. The U.S. Department of Education has made teacher preparation for online instruction a national goal to improve the effectiveness of traditional classroom instruction and to connect skilled educators with the underserved communities that need them the most.
Link10/9/2014NoTechnology for Online Instruction
Lock HavenUndergraduate
The new Associate of Arts degree in sustainability studies to be offered at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania will produce graduates for “green jobs” in fields including construction and manufacturing and with government and non-profit organizations. Demand in the field is growing, with about one out of every five companies in Pennsylvania employing such workers, according to a recent survey conducted by the state Department of Labor and Industry.

The program was developed by faculty at LHU by repackaging existing coursework currently offered at the main campus and Clearfield branch campus. It will utilize existing resources and faculty and will be available online and via other distance education methods, making it more accessible to working adults.
Lock HavenGraduate
The new Master of Health Science degree program at Lock Haven University will prepare graduates for leadership and management positions in a variety of healthcare settings, especially hospitals, community health centers and nonprofit health and human services settings, including the Susquehanna Healthcare System and the American Cancer Society.

They will be able to assess the health needs of populations, plan and evaluate health education and promotion programs, and promote and apply relevant research findings to contribute to the effective delivery and management of health education and healthcare. The program will be delivered online and via interactive videoconferencing.
Link4/10/2014NoHealth Science
Slippery RockGraduate
The new Doctorate of Education in special education at Slippery Rock University will equip college faculty to prepare K-12 teachers to become effective in inclusive classrooms and to serve in special education leadership positions in the K-12 system or related support service agencies.

The program, designed to meet the needs of working professionals, will take three years to complete, using a cohort model. Most courses will be offered online during the fall and spring semesters. Students in the program also will take face-to-face classes on weekends during the summers at the Cranberry Township Regional Learning Alliance.
Link4/10/2014NoSpecial Education
Working in partnership with Geisinger Health System, Bloomsburg will offer a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree that will provide the only aligned pathway from a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist program to the DNP. The new program will help address the healthcare needs in the north central and northeastern regions of the state.
Link1/23/2014NoNursing Practice
Clarion and EdinboroGraduate
Clarion and Edinboro Universities will jointly offer a new Doctor of Nursing Practice degree that will help meet the need for advanced care nurses in rural northwestern and midwestern Pennsylvania. Building upon their joint Master of Science in Nursing degree program, the doctoral program will prepare graduates to serve as primary care providers as well as clinical nursing faculty.
Link1/23/2014NoNursing Practice
The new degree is designed to prepare graduates to become licensed registered nurses, providing comprehensive direct and indirect nursing care.
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