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AdmissionsAPP-iconGsm.png  Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start the application?

Applicants can start Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education Admissions Application from any of the following: the "Apply Now" link on the websites of each of the 14 State System universities;; the "Apply Now" link on Applicants may also access the State System Admissions App via the National Application Center.

Should I use a different username and password for each application I submit?

No. Regardless if you begin the application process on a university specific website, or the National Application Center, use the same username and password at each location and throughout the process for consistency and to avoid duplicate files.

I am getting an error when I try to create a login indicating that my email address is already in use; how do I create an account?

If this type of message appears, double-check to determine if your email address is spelled correctly. Another possibility is that another application may have been started or submitted to one of the 14 State System universities using an account that was already created with this email address. If you can’t remember the account login information, click on the link at the bottom of the account. Retrieving old username and password information may be found here.  This information is linked from the login screen to an individual’s homepage as well as If account information cannot be recovered via these tools, contact XAP Technical Support for assistance at 1-800-GO-TO-XAP (800-468-6927). XAP Help hours are M – F, 8AM to 9:30 PM EST.

I am a senior in high school, and I accidentally answered yes to taking or have taken college courses while in high school. Now I can’t move past the “Prior College Experience” page. What now?

On the left side of the application screen, there is a “Skip to Another Screen” option that allows you to navigate between all application screens without needing to save application data. Using that feature, you can return to Screen 1 “Enrollment Information” in order to change the answer to the “Are you taking or have you taken college courses while in high school?” question. After saving and updating your results on Screen 1, you will no longer be required to provide any information on Screen 6 “College Information.” Please note that when using the "Skip to Another Screen feature," all work must be saved before skipping to another screen or it will be lost.

I can’t find my high school or college when I use the “look up”. How do I manually enter my school information?

In order to provide a high school or college, there is a “Find” button on the application that will take you to a pop-up window with a pre-populated list of schools. Most schools should appear on the list and can be found using the navigation and search tools on that page. However, there is an option to enter your school should it not appear on the list. After searching three times using the “Search for a school” button and not having valid results return, a “Not on the list” option will appear. Click on the “Not on the list” option and type your school information and click “Add school." That will save your school data within the application.

I was timed out when I was trying to print the confirmation page and can’t get back into the application. What now?

Log in to the State System portal at Click on the word “Apply.” Log in to your account. The user will find a section listing all submitted applications. Click on the button next to the submitted application to view the confirmation screen.

I want to change the method of payment for my application fee. How do I do this?

Depending on what payment method selected, you may be able to use the back buttons in your browser in order to return to the screen to select a payment method. However, if you have already attempted to submit a payment with an electronic form of payment, such as credit card or e-check, it is not recommended to press the back button while you are connecting to submit payment. Should it not be possible to use the back button to return to the payment method selection, return to the application either via or the individual university website where you first accessed the application. Your application data should be saved and ready for submission again. When trying to submit your application again, you will be brought back to the screen to select your method of payment.

How do I print a copy of my confirmation page?

Use your internet browsers menu options to print your confirmation page. If unsure of where the print command is in your internet browser, most computers offer a print command via Ctrl+P on Windows and Command-P on a Mac. If you are unable to print your confirmation page upon initial submission of the application, it can be done at a later time following the instructions available by logging into the State System portal at Click on the word “Apply,” and log in to your account. The user will find a section listing of all submitted applications. Click on the button next to the submitted application to view the confirmation screen.

Why am I asked to provide my Social Security number?

Providing your Social Security number is optional and is not required to make an admissions decision. The following information provides the rationale for providing your Social Security number on the admissions application.
The Federal Privacy Act of 1974 requires that you be notified that disclosure of your Social Security number is voluntary and is not required to determine admission. Your Social Security number will be used to match your application with your SAT/ACT test scores and/or financial aid information so failure to provide it may affect your eligibility for financial aid. Your Social Security number is also used to report your educational expenses to the Internal Revenue Service to verify any education-related deductions you may claim on your federal income taxes.

How do you use fee waivers?

The fee waiver process is unique to each university. Information regarding the university’s fee waiver process is available on the instructional page (page one) of the State System Admissions App.

How do I enter college or AP classes?

To identify college coursework you have completed or are currently enrolled in, select “Yes” to question #2 on the Enrollment Information screen (page one) when answering whether or not you have taken courses at a college or university while enrolled in high school or as a student at another university or college. In Section 6 “College Information” of the application, provide the name and address of all the college(s)/university(s) issuing credits for coursework you have successfully completed. Advanced Placement (AP) information should be sent directly from the College Board to the university as per AP policies identified on each university’s website.

How do I apply to other schools from the application?

There are a number of ways to apply to other State System universities. When the applicant submits the first completed admissions application, the confirmation page will provide a link for the applicants to select and continue completing another application. You can also apply by going to individual university websites; logging into your account from the "Apply Now" link on; or by visiting the National Application Center.

I lost my login information, how can I get it?

Below the Sign In box for the users account ( is a link to assist anyone who has forgotten his/her username and/or password. Applicants may also call 1-800-468-6927 (XAP Help M – F, 8AM to 9:30 PM EST) or email for assistance.

Where do I find the application online?

The State System Admissions App "Apply Now" link is available on the websites for each of the 14 State System universities;; as well as the "Apply Now" link on The online application is also available at the National Application Center.

How do I know if my application was successfully submitted?

You can track submitted or “in progress” applications or even apply to additional State System universities by logging into your account as shown in the example below.

How do I make changes to an already submitted application?

The process to make changes to an already submitted application is unique to each university. Information on how to submit changes is available on the instructional page for each university.