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Newly Approved Degree Programs

PASSHE Universities continue to develop new and innovative undergraduate and graduate programs to meet the interests of students as well as the changing needs of the workforce.
















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A one hundred percent (100%) online, thirty (30) credit program designed to provide students with the skills and experiences that are needed in this high priority foreign language field. Emphasis is on reading, writing, and speaking in Modern Standard Arabic.
  California – Jurisprudence BA
Cal U’s new Bachelor of Arts in Jurisprudence degree is designed with a multi-dimensional approach and will offer graduates immediate employability in rising demand careers, including title examiners, administrative judicial personnel, not-for profit advocacy groups, think tank researchers, insurance analysts, securities enforcement, commodities regulators, inspectors and disability evaluators. It also will provide a pathway for graduates to pursue advanced study in graduate and professional schools in fields such as public policy and law.
A new interdisciplinary degree program builds on the strength of the University’s associated-level engineering technology program and other technical training programs in the region. It will prepare graduates for careers such as production team leader, quality coordinator, new product development coordinator, production analyst and industrial sales specialist.
  Shippensburg – Computer Engineering BS
Designed to prepare graduates for careers developing software and hardware for embedded systems including microcontrollers, industrial controls, and mobile computers, graduates will enter the workforce, meeting or exceeding federal requirements for journeyman engineers.


This program provides specialization in both domestic and international public policy, utilizing face-to-face learning at the Bloomsburg campus and the Dixon University Center in Harrisburg, as well as online courses.
  Millersville - Integrated Scientific Applications MS
Unique in the state and nation, this interdisciplinary program will include specializations in environmental systems management, geo-informatics, weather intelligence and risk management and climate science applications. Each area of specialization represents an area of current or emerging workforce demand, and will engage Millersville’s existing and readily accessible business and employer partners throughout the mid-Atlantic and northeastern United States for internship, research and immediate employment opportunities.
  Indiana - Safety Sciences PhD
This Doctoral program will be unique in the Commonwealth and the nation, designed to address a critical shortage of safety professionals with advanced skills. It will be offered via both distance education and through on-site experiential learning providing graduates of the program with advanced skills in the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, control and prevention of safety, health and environmental hazards in the workplace.
  Indiana – Spanish MA
Students will participate in advanced study in the combined areas of foreign language pedagogy, Hispanic literature, culture, and Spanish language. A core curriculum of five courses will be taught in Spanish and integrate a wide variety of communicative modes, lexicon and regional dialects, to challenge and sharpen students' linguistic skills.
  Indiana – Strategic Studies in Weapons of Mass Destruction MS
Developed in response to a specific request from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the new Master of Science in Strategic Studies in Weapons of Mass Destruction degree program will provide career agents with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify threats to critical assets; to prevent, delay, intervene and respond to attacks on critical assets; and to fulfill the growing need for experts in the field of strategic studies in weapons of mass destruction.
The focus of this new degree program is preparing students for careers in adult fitness, cardiac rehabilitation, athletic training and other clinical programs as well as those pursuing a terminal degree in exercise science and sport physiology.

Professional Science Masters

With funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, PASSHE is launching a system-wide Professional Science Masters (PSM) Initiative to meet workforce demand in high-technology sectors, creating new student opportunities in graduate education.  

Bloomsburg – Instructional Technology: Application and Management

East Stroudsburg –
General Science: GIS/Remote Sensing

Indiana –
Applied and Industrial Chemistry

Indiana – Physics Nanoscience for Industrial Materials

Kutztown –
Computer Science