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Newly Approved Degree Programs

State System universities continue to develop new and innovative undergraduate and graduate programs to meet the interests of students as well as the changing needs of the workforce.
















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 Undergraduate Programs

Kutztown – Art History - BA

The Bachelor of Arts in art history degree will include coursework in art history for students seeking additional graduate-level study in art history or related areas; career opportunities in the arts, museums, and cultural venues; or a path toward a graduate degree in a disparate field, such as law or business. It will prepare individuals for a variety of high-level careers with art galleries, centers and museums. The arts are a Program of Distinction at KU. The art history minor, started in spring 2013, is the university’s sixth-largest minor. (Fall 2016)

Millersville – Automation and Intelligent Robotics Engineering Technology - BS

The Bachelor of Science in automation and intelligent robotics engineering technology degree will prepare individuals to work with multiple types of technology to design and implement projects that have advanced programming needs. Possible career fields include software engineering, research and development, computer and systems engineering and robotics programming. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of power, electronic systems and formal programming techniques common in industry. There is a high demand for robotics engineers in the state and region, according to the state Department of Labor & Industry. As an example, Foxconn Technology Group, a global electronics manufacturer that makes Apple Inc.'s iPhone, is planning to invest $40 million in Pennsylvania, including $30 million for a site in Dauphin County. The new high-technology manufacturing facility would create 500 jobs over the next two years, many in the fields of robotics and advanced manufacturing. (Spring 2016)

Clarion – Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Fitness

The new program at Clarion University will focus on nutrition, kinesiology and the numerous connections to health, wellness, fitness, and sport. Graduates will be prepared for employment in commercial fitness, strength and conditioning; cardiac rehabilitation; and corporate or community-based wellness professions. The interdisciplinary design of the program is intended to meet the flexible career needs of students and as such will qualify graduates to sit for various certification exams and will prepare them for graduate school.

Slippery Rock – Corporate Security - BS

The Bachelor of Science in corporate security degree program is designed to prepare students for careers in a wide array of corporate security fields, including security management, fraud/economic crime, risk management, personnel security management and physical security management. Courses will be taught face-to-face, online, and blended, which will maximize flexibility for students. Graduates will possess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to prevent, detect, investigate and correct organizational security breaches due to man-made and natural disasters that threaten property, people, information, economic assets and business continuity. The program will prepare students with the requisite work experience to obtain certifications from the American Society of Industrial Security International, the Certified Fraud Examiners organization, National Association of Legal Investigators, or various private security management firms that offer the Facility Security Officer certificate. (Fall 2016)

Clarion – Criminal Justice Administration - BS

The Bachelor of Science in criminal justice administration at Clarion University of Pennsylvania will provide individuals with a two-year degree the opportunity to complete a four-year degree online, providing them with upward career mobility within the various criminal justice occupational fields such as corrections and law enforcement and court-related services such as probation, parole and rehabilitation. The online degree completion program will provide workers in the criminal justice field the flexibility to complete advanced coursework on a part-time basis that meets their schedules. Students enrolled in the new program will study managerial theory, applied research and analysis, budget and finance, policy evaluation and analysis, legal liability, conflict resolution and professional ethics.

Shippensburg – Electrical Engineering - BS

The electrical engineering program at Shippensburg will prepare students for careers in a broad array of fields, including semiconductor design, mixed-signal embedded systems, industrial controls and communications system engineering. Graduates will have the skills necessary to design, build, test and manage these complex systems, skills that are in increasing demand in the Commonwealth and the surrounding region.

Slippery Rock – Homeland Security - BS

The Bachelor of Science in homeland security degree program will prepare students to become experts in the prevention, detection, investigation and remediation of threats to the United States. It will be taught face-to-face, online and in blended settings. Students will take courses in policing and intelligence, risk assessment, threat detection, legalities, terrorism prevention, investigation, as well as disaster response, strategic planning, establishing collaborative partnerships and professional articulation/communication. Economic Modeling Specialists International predicts that the investigation and security services industry is set to grow by 17 percent between 2015 and 2025, adding more than 145,000 jobs to the national economy. In Butler County, where Slippery Rock is located, this industry is projected to add more than 400 new jobs in the next 10 years, growing by 28 percent. (Fall 2016)

 Graduate Programs

Clarion – Accounting - MS

The Master of Science in accounting degree, which will be offered online, will prepare individuals for careers in public accounting or auditing. As the accounting field has become more specialized, the M.S. in accounting has become the preferred degree for those who desire careers in public accounting, according to the 2015 report from the American Institute of Certified Public Accounting. These programs now enroll 88 percent of all master’s level students desiring careers in public accounting. The program will be housed within the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International accredited College of Business Administration and Information Science. (available beginning in Spring 2016)

California – Applied Mathematics - MS

Cal U’s Master of Science in applied mathematics was designed to prepare graduates with skills in advanced mathematics and big data analysis, as well as in leadership, technology and project management to meet the needs of employers in business, industry and government. This program also will be offered completely online.

The goal is to provide career-oriented graduates for occupations including actuaries, mathematical scientists, mathematicians, operations research analysts, statistical assistants and statisticians.

West Chester – Community Nutrition - MS

The Master of Science in community nutrition degree program, which will be offered fully online, is the result of the reorganization of an existing program and was designed to better meet the demands of the nutrition profession, undergraduate student demand, market need and changes in health care. This change will allow the Nutrition Department to transition from providing a nutrition concentration within the Health Department’s MPH degree to a M.S. in community nutrition degree completely developed and managed within the Nutrition Department. The M.S. in community nutrition is expected to be a more desirable option for nutrition professionals than the current arrangement and will continue to attract recent WCU graduates, resulting in an even larger number of students pursuing graduate level nutrition education than currently exists in the nutrition concentration. (Spring 2016)