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​Faculty Expertise Showcase

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Instructor/Clinical Education Coordinator, Sports Medicine
West Chester University
  • Athletic training
  • Concussion underreporting in sports
  • Athletic identity
  • Positive youth development

Dan Baer Bio

Dynamic ulnar impaction syndrome in a collegiate baseball player

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Chair & Professor, Theatre
East Stroudsburg University
  • Voice for Performance (Actor, Musical Theatre, Classical)
  • Stage Director
  • Stage Manager

Margaret Joyce Ball Bio
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Assistant Professor, Languages
West Chester University
  • Contemporary Latin American Literatures and Cultures
  • Critical Theory
  • The Long 1960s in Latin America
  • Revisions and Reinscriptions of the Nineteenth Century
  • Gender and Queer Studies

Jason Bartles Bio
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Professor, Educational Leadership & Special Education
Shippensburg University
  • Special education law

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Associate Professor, Communication Sciences & Disorders; Graduate Coordinator
East Stroudsburg University
  • Cognitive-linguistic disorders in inflammatory arthritis
  • Adult cognitive-linguistic disorders and aphasia
  • Relationship between oral language and written language
  • Child language development

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Associate Professor, Early Childhood and Elementary Education
East Stroudsburg University
  • Urban Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Project based learning
  • Curriculum and assessment
  • Human diversity and cognitive development

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Professor of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology
Millersville University
  • Technology and engineering teacher preparation
  • Graphic communication

Thomas Bell Bio

Elected President of the Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic Communications
Spring 2011 Commencement Keynote Speaker
Experts List
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Instructor, Educational Leadership
Edinboro University
  • Educational Leadership
  • Public School Administration
  • Legal Aspects of Public School Administration

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Assistant Professor, Communication
Mansfield University
  • Oral Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Training and Development
  • Social Media
  • Community Content Management

Bia Bernum Bio

LinkedIn Articles
LinkedIn Profile

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Professor, Mathematics
Clarion University
  • Mathematics Education
  • Problem Solving and Problem Posing

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Assistant Professor, Special Education
Slippery Rock University
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Special Education
  • Autism
  • Behavior and Emotional Disorders
  • Pre-service Teacher Preparation

Linkedin Profile

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Assistant Professor & University Archivist
Cheyney University
  • Cheyney University history
  • Institute for Colored Youth (ICY) history
  • African American History & African American Special Collections
  • Books and Libraries
  • The Life of Octavius Catto

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Assistant Professor, Africana & Ethnic Literatures
Kutztown University
  • African American Literature
  • African Diasporic Literature
  • Afro-Caribbean Literature
  • Ethnic American Literature (Native Indian, Hispanic, and Asian)
  • Slavery; Slavery and U.S. Constitutional Law/SCOTUS Cases

Ellesia Blaque Bio
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Associate Professor, English
Kutztown University
  • Film
  • Media
  • Comics
  • Pop Music

Anthony Bleach Bio

"Video Aesthetics and Nostalgia Deployed in Better Call Saul" (In Media Res)
"Everybody’s Doing Molly? Dance Music Cultures and Drugs" (Antenna)
"Taylor Swift Haters Hate in Many Flavors" (In Media Res)
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Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work
California University
  • Cultural humility
  • Groupwork with refugees/new immigrants
  • Cultural diversity in social work education
  • Undergraduate curriculum evaluation
  • Adolescent mental health treatment

Azadeh Masalehdan Block Bio
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Professor, Political Science; Campus Director, American Democracy Project
California University
  • Political Parties
  • Campaigns and Elections
  • Congress
  • Civic Engagement

Melanie Blumberg Bio
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Professor, Biology
Millersville University
  • Animal behavior
  • Cephalopods
  • Marine biology

Jean Boal Bio

Animal Behavior Degree Article
A Search for Biodiversity Article
Experts List
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Professor, Environimental, Geographical & Geological Sciences
Bloomsburg University
  • Economic Development

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Professor, Educational Administration & Leadership; Administrative Leadership Programs Coordinator
California University
  • Teaching Online
  • Online Course Design
  • Differentiation

Silvia Braidic Bio
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Assistant Professor, Public Health & Social Work
Slippery Rock University
  • Child Welfare Services and Child Protective Services
  • Title IV-E Funding
  • Operational Excllence and Lean Six Sigma Models
  • Medicaid Managed Care

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Professor, Computer Science
Shippensburg University
  • Computer Engineering
  • Operating Systems
  • Systems Performance and Optimization
  • Hardware Design
  • Rapid Prototyping

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Associate Professor, History
East Stroudsburg University
  • US Constitutional and Legal History
  • Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Africna American History
  • Transatlantic History
  • German Employment Law
  • Intellectual History

Christopher Brooks Bio

Utility of History Degree in Corporate Environment
US and Germany Must Mend Relations
Why the Transatlantic Trade Matters
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Professor, Psychology
West Chester University
  • Child development and the arts
  • Clinical psychology
  • Poverty-related stress
  • Poverty and family functioning
  • Music, dance, and visual arts and children's emotions

Eleanor Brown Bio

Settlement Music School webpage on Dr. Eleanor D. Brown's Research
WHYY Post on Dr. Eleanor D. Brown's Research
Pacific Standard Article on Dr. Eleanor D. Brown's Research
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Professor of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology/Tachnology & Engineering Education Program Coordinator
Millersville University
  • Technology and engineering education
  • Integrative STEM education

Sharon Brusic Bio

STEM Expo in Hershey Article
STEM Programs First in State to Get Endorsements Article
Experts List
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Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Clarion University
  • literacy
  • Vocabulary instruction
  • Child language development and delays

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Assistant Professor, Mass Communications
Bloomsburg University
  • Corporate communications
  • Public Relations
  • Media Law and Ethics
  • First Amendment
  • European Right to be Forgotten

Kristie Byrum Bio

Dr. Byrum website
Dr. Byrum article in Public Relations Review
Dr. Byrum article in Environmental Communication
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