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​Faculty Expertise Showcase

Alphabetical Listing

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Professor, Music
Kutztown University
  • Cello performance/pedagogy
  • Chamber music performance/pedagogy
  • Music theory/aural skills

Marie-Aline Cadieux Bio

Duo Terlano

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Professor, Management & Marketing
Shippensburg University
  • Labor relations and law
  • Sustainability in business
  • Workplace bullying and harassment
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Family Medical Leave Act

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Professor, Sociology & Anthropology
Shippensburg University
  • Disability studies
  • Disability rights
  • Disability policy
  • History of intellectual disabilities

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Associate Professor, Sport Medicine
West Chester University
  • Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis
  • Long-Term Effects of Knee injuries
  • Primary & Secondary Injury Prevention
  • Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Biochemical responses to physical activity

Nicole Cattano Bio

Cattano JAT Biochem Response to Running
Physical Activity & QoL Relate to Biochemical Changes
Joint Trauma Initiates Knee OA through Biochem and Biomech
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Assistant Professor, English
Clarion University
  • Assessment
  • First-Year Writing
  • Retention of At-Risk Students
  • Service-Learning
  • Freshman Inquiry Seminars

Leah Chambers Bio

Clarion Community Learning Workshop
Dissertation on Retention

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Assistant Professor, Psychology
West Chester University
  • Primatology

Rebecca Chancellor Bio

Chimpanzee seed dispersal in a montane forest fragment in Rwanda
The Influence of Seasonal Variation on Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) Fallback Food Consumption, Nest Group Size, and Habitat Use in Gishwati, a Montane Rain Forest Fragment in Rwanda
Food site residence time and female competitive relationships in wild gray-cheeked mangabeys (Lophocebus albigena)
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Professor & Program Coordinator, Professional Science Master's in Cybersecurity
California University
  • Security & Privacy
  • Computer Networks

Weifeng Chen Bio
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Professor, Master of Social Work
West Chester University
  • Childhood Victimization
  • Interpersonal Violence
  • Adolescent Mental Health
  • Child Development

Selected Works of Wan-Yi Chen

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Chair & Assistant Professor, Master of Social Work
West Chester University
  • Organizational factors that affect job satisfaction and burnout
  • Integration of human rights in social work curricula
  • Immigrant civic engagement
  • Children's and women's rights

Christina Chiarelli-Helminiak Bio

Selected Works of Christina Chiarelli-Helminiak

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Northeast Wildlife DNA Lab, Microbiologist & Forensic Scientist
East Stroudsburg University
  • Wildlife Forensic Science
  • Tick-borne infectious disease

Forensic Magazine
Summary of Research

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Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
Kutztown University
  • Social media
  • Identity
  • Gender studies
  • Digital labor
  • Digital structures

Angela Cirucci Bio

Facebook's Affordances, Visible Culture, and Anti-Anonymity
Redefining Privacy and Anonymity through Social Networking Affordances
Normative Interfaces: Affordances, Gender, and Race in Facebook
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Chair, Earth Sciences; Professor, Meteorology
Millersville University
  • Air quality
  • Ozone and particulate research
  • Air chemistry
  • Meteorology
  • Astronomy

Richard D. Clark Bio

First Cabinet Fellow Article
Thunderstorms in Kansas Article
Owles in Snow Article
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Professor, Physics
East Stroudsburg University
  • Structure of noreasters (winter storms)
  • Meteorology
  • Physics education
  • Secondary science education

Robert Cohen Bio

Contraction Rate and Its Relationship to Frontogenesis etc
Airstream Boundaries in Numerical Weather Simulations
Project Earth Science: Meteorology, Revised 2nd Edition
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Associate Professor, Elementary & Early Childhood Education
Millersville University
  • Children's literature
  • Multicultural education

Lesley Colabucci Bio

Who Makes Millersville Special Article
Innovative Practices Spotlight
Experts List
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Assistant Professor, Exploratory Studies
West Chester University
  • Advising
  • Advising Theory and Philosophy
  • Exploratory Advising
  • Jewish Studies in Public Higher Education
  • American Jewish History

Practicing Dialogic Advising
“That’s not what I said:” Communication gaps in advising

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Associate Professor, Tuba & Euphonium
Indiana University
  • Tuba
  • Euphonium
  • Brass

Zach Collins bio

Eastern Standard
HoodleBug Brass Album Release
Jim Self: A Fortunate Musician (written by Zach Collins)
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Professor. History
California University
  • American Indian history
  • American Civil War history
  • American Revolution

Clarissa Confer Bio
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Assistant Professor, Geography
Kutztown University
  • Urban Geography
  • GIS
  • Economic Geography
  • Casinos
  • Transportation

Gambling with Philadelphia
The Location of Creativity and U.S. Companies in Germany

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Associate Professor, Psychology
Millersville University
  • Amnesia
  • Cognitive neuroscience of memory and aging
  • Cognitive neuropsychology
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Research methodology and statistics

Shaun Cook Bio

The Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education
Psychology Teaching Review
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
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Professor, Parks, Conservation and Recreational Therapy
Slippery Rock University
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Humor Therapy
  • Addictions
  • Mental Health advocacy

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Assistant Professor & Advising Center Director, Criminology & Criminal Justice
Indiana University
  • Policing
  • Criminal justice
  • Criminology
  • Prison ministry
  • Higher education advising

Jonathon Cooper Bio

Noble cause corruption as a consequence of role conflict in the police organisation
Theorizing Criminal Justice Evaluation and Research
Exploring the Nexus of Officer Race/Ethnicity, Sex, and Job Satisfaction: The Case of the NYPD
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Assistant Professor, Languages
West Chester University
  • Contemporary Latin American Literature and Culture
  • Southern Cone Narrative and Cultural Production
  • Testimonio and Human Rights
  • Memory Studies
  • Women's Writing and Feminist Theory

Megan Corbin Bio

Testimonio y Materialidad: El encuentro con el espacio y el lugar
Gertrudis the Great: First Abolitionist and Feminist in the Americas and Spain
Archiveras anarquistas: Corporal Testimony in the Work of Diamela Eltit
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Assistant Professor, Education
California University
  • Science Education
  • STEM integration and education
  • Geoscience education
  • NSF-GK-12 program
  • Scientists in the classroom

Peter Cormas Bio

Preservice Teachers’ Reconciliation of an Epistemological Issue in an Integrated Mathematics/Science Methods Course
Sequenced Integration and the Identification of a Problem-Solving Approach Through a Learning Process
Empirical Tests for NSF Classroom Programs
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Associate Professor, Geography & Earth Science
Shippensburg University
  • Rocks and fossils
  • Mining
  • Geological hazards
  • Environmental science
  • Sustainability

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Professor, Biology
Millersville University
  • Issues in contraception
  • Reproductive biology

James Cosentino Bio

Microscale Science: From Conference to Classroom MU funded Report
Millersville Professor Discovers New Species of Fish Article
Experts List
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Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
Edinboro University
  • corrections
  • community corrections
  • attitudinal measurement
  • research methods

Kevin Courtwright Bio
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Professor, English
Indiana University
  • Fiction writing (all forms)
  • Creative nonfiction (especially memoir)
  • Writing pedagogy
  • Social justice and literature

Chauna Craig Bio

Review of fiction collection, The Widow's Guide to Edible Mushrooms
Creative Nonfiction and Writing the Environment
On social justice and text selection
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Associate Professor, French
East Stroudsburg University
  • Illuminated manuscripts
  • The history of the book
  • Medieval French literature

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Associate Professor, Sociology
Kutztown University
  • Sexuality
  • Gender
  • Social Movements
  • Communities
  • Gaming Culture

Jason Crockett Bio

Mobilizing in Response to Threat: The Case of the Ex-Gay Movement
Manifesto for Queer Universal Design
Black and White Men Together: The Case of the Disappearing Organizational Narrative of Racial Sexual Orientation
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