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Professor, English; Chair, English & Philosophy
Edinboro University
  • American literature
  • Autobiography
  • Women's literature
  • Beat literature

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Associate Professor, History
Slippery Rock University
  • History (20th C. Europe, America, Culture, Politics)
  • Humanities Programming
  • Running a non-profit humanities center
  • Fundraising
  • High School to College programs

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Professor, Counselor Education
West Chester University
  • cognitive behavioral theory/therapy
  • consultation and prevention
  • strategic planning

Ethical Practice in the Human Services
Becoming a skilled counselor
Theories of Counseling
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Assistant Professor, English
West Chester University
  • Business Writing & Communication
  • Crisis Communication
  • Organizational Use of Social Media
  • Plain Language
  • Risk Communication

Ashley Patriarca Bio
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Instructor, Social Work
California University
  • Social Work in Health Care
  • Community Organization
  • Volunteer Organization and Training
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Creative therapies

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Professor, Sociology
East Stroudsburg University
  • Political Sociology of the Middle East
  • Cultural Diversity in the U.S.
  • Sociological Pedagogies

S. Hooshang Pazaki Bio

Evaluating Global Education at a Regional University: A Focus Group Research on Faculty Perspectives

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Associate Professor, Communications, Design & Culture
California University
  • History of Art History
  • Modern Art and Theory
  • Contemporary Art and Theory

Cindy Persinger Bio

SECAC 2015 Reflection: Socially Engaged Art History
"Reconsidering Meyer Schapiro and the New Vienna School"

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Professor, Biology
Millersville University
  • Color vision
  • Steroid control of gene expression

Joel Piperberg Bio

MU Biology Department Newsletter
Experts List

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Associate Professor, Digital Forensics
Bloomsburg University
  • Digital Forensics

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Associate Professor, Philosophy
California University
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Biology
  • Philosophy of Psychology
  • Analytic Metaphysics and Epistemology
  • Ethical Theory/Biomedical Ethics/Political Philosophy

Joel Press Bio

Defining Research Risk in Standard of Care Trials: Lessons from SUPPORT
On the Virtues of Cursory Scientific Reductions
Physical explanations and biological explanations, empirical laws and a priori laws
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