​​​​​Nonrepresented​, OPEIU, SPFPA 

The employees in these groups include professional, managerial, security/police, or nurse positions. Information specific to these employ​ee groups is available on this page. 

APSCUF Faculty

These employees hold positions as full and part-time teaching faculty, department chairpersons, librarians, athletic trainers and faculty members whose basic responsibilities lie outside of the classroom setting. Information specific to faculty members health care is​ available on this page.

APSCUF Coaches 

These employees hold positions as non-faculty athletic coaches.​ Information specific to coaches health care is available on this page.


​These employee groups have their health care administered through the Pennsylvania Employees Benefit Trust Fund (PEBTF).  Employees are offered medical, prescription, and supplemental (dental/vision/hearing) coverage.  Information specific to PEBTF covered employee groups is available on this page.