​​​​​​​​​​​​The Office of Educational Intelligence generates and disseminates educational intelligence that supports our 14 universities and our vision for excellence, relevance, and value in education. Educational Intelligence provides data that is informative, accessible, and portable, to create a comprehensive understanding of students' educational lifecycle and to collaborate with and disseminate information to internal and external stakeholders to optimize the use of decision analytics. ​​


The State System's Ed​Hub is an analytics platform that allows State System's external and internal stakeholders to intuitively analyze and understand critical university metrics across the system. 

The EdHub is organized into the following six key domains: 

  • Insights (access to topics such as student demographics, performance, alumni occupations, and the State System's impact in PA)
  • Ex​plore​ (Interactive reports that highlight key state system measures and trends related to student enrollments, completions, performance, and alumni)
  • Fact Sheets (provides users with data tables highlighting enrollment, completion, persistence, and graduation statistics prevalent to State System and its universities)
  • About (tools to learn to successfully access and navigate EdHub and the data available through this platform)
  • Pipeline (Sourced from Pennsylvania's Department of Education, the pipeline domain contains interactive reports concerning Pennsylvania's high schools)
  • Workforce (Assessments of Pennsylvania's workforce needs related to higher education)