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Facilities Manual

Binder 1


Volume I.  Statutory Requirements (Act 188)

Volume II.   Board of Governors Policies and Regulations

Volume III.  Facilities Maintenance Projects

Volume IV.   Capital Appropriations Approval Process

Volume V.  System Financed Capital Projects Planning and Programming Guide

Binder 2

Volume VI.  Facilities Planning

Volume VI-A.  Inventory

Volume VI-B.   Space Guidelines

Volume VI-C.  University Master Planning

Volume VI-D.  Condition Audits and Life Cycle Requirements

Binder 3

Volume VII.  Programming

Volume VII-A.  Capital Appropriated Projects

Volume VII-B.  State System Financed Projects

Volume VII-C.  Real Estate Manual

Volume VII-D.  Emergency Projects

Volume VII-E.  Special Projects Planning

Volume VIII.  Accomplishment of Facilities Projects

Volume VIII-A.  State System of Higher Education Facilities Project Administration

Volume VIII-B.  Department of General Services Facilities Projects Administration

Volume IX.  Special Projects

Volume IX-A.  Official Residences

  • Appendix IX-A-1. Procedures for Building, Renovating, or Acquiring an Official Residence 
  • Figure IX-A-1. Request for Project Approval for an Official Residence

Volume IX-B.  Historic Facilities

Volume IX-C.  Statutory Requirements

Volume X.  Facilities Reports

Glossary of Terms

Page Updated:  March 18, 2016