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Facilities Management


Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education’s Facilities Management Office has developed this Web site to provide facilities data internally as well as for external groups who do business with the State System.

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Facilities Management

Name/Title Phone/Fax
Steven Dupes
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities
P: (717) 720-4118
F: (717) 720-4111
Alan Margraf
Director of Facilities Operations
P: (717) 720-4115
F: (717) 720-4111

Construction Support Office

Name/Title Phone/Fax
Robert Unger
Director of Construction Management
P: (717) 720-4131
F: (717) 720-4111
Dorethe Drue Latin
Construction Support Assistant
P: (717) 720-4113
F: (717) 720-4111

Dixon University Center Facilities

Name/Title Phone/Fax
Thomas O. Morgan
Director of Facility Operations & Maintenance
P: (717) 720-4087
F: (717) 720-7008
Don Caplinger
Facilities Services Person
Brian Fetterhoff
Facilities Supervisor
Mark Himes
Facilities Services Support
Dave Stewart
Facilities Services Person
P: (717) 720-4071
F: (717) 720-7259