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CSO holds 6 open-end contracts for commissioning services.  Contracts were executed in late 2009.  The first renewal is executed and became effective in the Fall of 2011.  After a second renewal, these contracts will expire in late 2015.  The six firms with contracts and categories of service are: 

The scope of work for these contracts includes: 

Category of Service 1:  Building Commissioning

Category of Service 2:  Retro-Commissioning

Category of Service 3:  Re-Commissioning

Category of Service 4:  Continuous Commissioning

Category of Service 5:  Other Commissioning Services

 The following firms hold contracts in the listed Categories of Service:  

ARAMARK Management Services Limited Partnership:  Categories 1 - 4

C.J. Brown Energy, P.C.:  Categories 1 - 4

Hill International Inc.:  Categories 1 - 3  (dck North American LLC's contract was assigned to Hill International October 2010.)

H.F. Lenz Company:  Categories 1 - 4

RMF Engineering, Inc.:  Categories 1 - 4

URS Corporation c/o ALCOSAN:  Categoies 1 - 3

 Contract Manual