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CSO  issued an RFP in July 2010 for replacement contracts for the PASSHE-PROF-2005 contracts.  196 proposals were received.  In late 2010 and early 2011, 40 firms were selected for contracts.  Those contracts were executed and in place for use in the June 2011 time frame.  The contracts are two-year contracts, with two options for renewals of two years each.

The scope of work for the contracts includes:

  • CATEGORY A - Full-Service Architectural and Engineering Services 
  • CATEGORY B - Miscellaneous Architectural Services 
  • CATEGORY C - Miscellaneous Engineering Services
  • CATEGORY D - Specialty Services, Categorized
  • CATEGORY E - Specialty Services, Uncategorized

Firms Under Contract with Contract Execution Dates -- May 13, 2015

Link to Contract Manual -- November, 2011

The Contract Manual files have been posted as a Zip file.  When you click on the link, you should be able to either open or save the Zip file.  When you open the Zip file, the 17 individual files will be available.  The files have filenames that reflect their contents.  The files will be updated periodically, and the filenames include the date of updating.

The following files are updated and linked here: 

3A Table 1 University Points of Contact 2016 06 07

3B Table 2 Firms and Points of Contact 2016 02 24

IWO Request Form