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Article 2.1-1 Annually Adjusted Thresholds

Article 2.1-2 Procurement Decision Document

Article 2.1-3 not provided

Article 2.2-1 Current List of Construction Contract Forms

Article 2.3-1 Bid Package, original

Article 2.3-1 Bid Package, 2003 Draft

Article 2.3-1 Bid Package, updated 2002

Article 2.4-1 Defined Bid Formats with Bid Components

Article 2.4-2 MBE/WBE Proactive Effort Policy & Provisions (included in Bid Package)

Article 2.4-2 MBE/WBE Proactive Effort Policy & Provisions, optional update

Article 2.5-1 not included

Article 2.5-2 Pre-Bid Conference Agenda

Article 2.5-3 Addenda - Example

Article 2.5-4 Forms for Bid Evaluation