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SSHE-ARCH-2016 and SSHE-ENGR-2016


In April 2016, CSO issued RFPs for two sets of contracts to replace the PASSHE-PROF-2010 contracts. 28 firms were selected for SSHE-ARCH-2016 contracts, which are for architectural services, and 31 firms for SSHE-ENGR-2016 contracts, which are for engineering services. Universities will issue work orders against these contracts.

Selections for SSHE-ARCH-2016 contracts

Selections for SSHE-ENGR-2016 contracts

Mini-Presentations by Firms at Indiana University of PA

Mini-Presentations by Firms at Dixon University Center

Mini-Presentations by Firms at West Chester University of PA

Contract Manual, 2017 09 01​

Table 2 - ARCH Firms and Poinits of Contact, 2017 11 28

Table 3 - ENGR Firms and Points of Contact, 2017 11 30​

The marketing compilation files, and the billable rates files, are located on the CSO Intranet.

Manual​ for the Procurement & Administration of Construction Contracts. Firms may find the System's internal Manual posted here useful when providing services to a university.