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Facilities Procurement

The Construction Support Office (CSO) is a component of the Facilities Management Office and supports the State System's 14 universities with a variety of facilities design and construction procurement-related functions. 

Procurement of facilities projects is summarized in the document below:

Procurement of Facilities Projects


Facilities Projects Solicitations

The Office of the Chancellor has adopted an eProcurement system for solicitations.  Ten of the 14 System universities are now using this site for most solicitations.  Others are using their own web sites or the Pennsylvania eMarketplace site.

PASSHE eProcurement Exchange


Centrally-Held Open-End Professional Contracts (including Contract Manuals)

CSO holds a variety of open-end Professional contracts, against which universities issue work orders.

  1. PASSHE-CM&PM-2007
  2. PASSHE-COMM-2008
  3. PASSHE-PROF-2010
  4. PASSHE-CM-2013  


CSO tentatively plans to issue an RFP for Commissioning Contracts (replacing COMM-2008) in January or February 2015.

CSO also tentatively plans to issue an RFP for Architectural/Engineering Contracts (replacing PROF-2010) in 2016.

Other Project and Contract Information

  1. System Commonwealth Capital Projects
  2. Significant University-Funded Projects
  3. University Open-End Professional Contracts 
  4. Private Development of Student Housing, list of Prequalified Developers
  5. MBE/WBE Program
  6. Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA) Projects
  7. PA E-Verify.  The System is complying with Act 127 and the Commonwealth's implementation of it.


Links to Additional Project, Contract, and Contact Information

  1. DGS Professional Selections
  2. DGS Construction Advertisements for Bids
  3. Pennsylvania eMarketplace
  4. Pennsylvania Treasury E-Contracts Library
  5. Mid Atlantic BX
  6. University Facilities Contracting Web Sites -- current 4-2014
  7. University Facilities Contracting Points of Contact -- current March 25, 2014
  8. University Facilities Managers, Physical Plant Directors -- current April 23, 2014



  1. Architectural and Engineering Manual
  2. Forms


Page Updated: April 23, 2014 


Construction Support Office

Robert Unger
Director of Construction Management
P: (717) 720-4131

Dorethe Drue Latin
P: (717) 720-4113