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Architectural and Engineering Manual


The E&A Manual provides instructions to Professionals for execution of design services and preparation of plans and specs for project bidding.  The System is generally still relying on 1998 versions of this Manual.  Professionals should contact CSO or universities directly for this 1998 Manual.  CSO developed some updates in 2003 for several chapters.  They are posted below.  CSO plans to initiate more updates in 2012.

Chapter 1
Introduction Authorization, Administration, & Universities

Chapter 2
Process of Construction Contract Procurement

A number of Articles should be part of the Chapter 2 sections.  In some cases, the originally-adopted documents have been revised again, and/or the information contained therein has been overcome by events.  Therefore, a series of documents has been included at the attached links to provide standard information and resources for use in lieu of the originally-adopted Articles.  Additionally, individual universities may require the use of slightly different documents, forms, and formats from what is posted here.