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3:00 pm-4:00 pm

Instruction Tone and Written Communication: Are We Saying What We Want Them to Hear?

The importance of establishing an inviting atmosphere through written communication is essential in online instruction. Since written communication is the primary format for teacher/ student interaction, instructors must be knowledgeable about their word choice in feedback and the effect on students. Online instructors' tone in written communication in may influence students' perceptions of: (a) encouragement; (b) community ; and (c) continued participation in the course/program. These factors may be managed through faculty knowledge and awareness of the impact on how word choice in written communication may be perceived by students.

We will present student profiles and a chance for the attendees to participate in the session through  "Say This, Not That". This list will help participants understand how their words convey a positive or negative tone.
Dr. Marie L. Wallace
Dr. Carol Rubel
Dr. Rubel has been an educational leader for more than forty-three years. She is a university online professor and a leader in curriculum design and mentoring. She has been a presenter for many international, national, and local education and reading conferences.  Current research interests include tone in written communication for the online instructor and online teacher mentoring. Dr. Rubel's most current publication in the TCC Journal is " Instructor Tone in Written Communication: Are We Saying What We Want Them to Hear?" Currently Dr. Rubel is preparing a children's book for publication.
Marie L. Wallace is a university professor, educational consultant, researcher, professional counselor and published author. She is a professor in the School for Graduate Education at Kaplan University.

Recent Publications: "The Development of Technology Based Counseling Strategies” was published in Forum on Public Policy of the Oxford Roundtable.
“Instructor Tone in Written Communication: Are We Saying What We Want Them To Hear?” was published online through TCC. Co- authored with Dr. Carol Rubel
Book :" My Traveling Grandma"  (for children and grandparents)

She is also the contributing author for a book to be published in late June 2012 "Teaching Other Peoples Children".