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9:00 am-10:00 am

Tablets for Higher Education

Bryant University (RI) and Pfeiffer University (NC) have taken on the mission of integrating tablets into their academic environments.  Tablet devices on both iOS (Pfeiffer) and Android (Bryant) platform were introduced in the respective pilot projects testing new potentials for teaching and learning. The presenters will share the case of strategic approach to engage faculty and students for innovative teaching and learning experience. The session will include review and comparison of the competing hardware platforms and user interfaces and applications focused on use for teaching and learning on college campuses.
David Gannon, Enoch Park
Enoch Park works as the Director of Distance Learning at Pfeiffer University, NC. Enoch oversees online courses offered at three campuses at Pfeiffer, leads quality assurance programs for online courses (QEP and Quality Matters), and serves campus strategic planning committee. His interest areas include: disruptive innovations in teaching and learning, social/ collaborative learning, digital scholarship, engaged learning.  Enoch has taught teacher education and Liberal Arts courses and is pursuing his doctorate at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
David Gannon is the Associate Director of Academic Computing and Media Services at Bryant University in Smithfield, RI. In his current position, he oversees the student laptop program at Bryant and works with the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Director of Faculty Development to maximize the utilization and effectiveness of technology in the classroom. Dave has been a member of the faculty at Bryant (both full and part time) for over eighteen years and has been involved in education for over twenty two.