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10:00 am-11:00 am

We All Have iPads…Now What?

Seton Hill University implemented its Griffin Technology Advantage program in the Fall 2010 semester. More than 1,800 iPads and 700 MacBook laptops were distributed to students and faculty. This presentation describes the challenges faced by the university in its commitment to enhance the teaching and learning process with the integration of mobile technology resources. The presenters will share the results of student and faculty focus groups and surveys administered in an attempt to more deeply understand the integration process of technology resources and its effect on classroom instruction. Examples of iPad and MacBook classroom integration activities will also be offered.
Mary Spataro, Mary Ann Gawelek, Quinto Martin, Phil Komarny
Mary Ann Gawelek is Provost and Dean of Faculty at Seton Hill University.
Phil Komarny is Vice President of Information Technology at
Seton Hill University.
Quinto Martin is Interactive/Assistive Technology Specialist at
Seton Hill University.
Mary Spataro is Title III Director/Activity Coordinator at Seton Hill University.