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9:00 am-10:00 am

Bleeding, Leading, or Not Competing: A Theme and Variations on Current Emerging Technologies

In this session I will take a look at the emerging technologies as viewed from the Gartner 2011 Higher Education Hypecycle and discussion implications for higher education. This will include looks at current issues in cloud computing, mobility, research assessment, analytics, and dynamic learning environments.
Robert McDonald
Robert H. McDonald is the Associate Dean for Library Technologies and Digital Libraries, Associate Director for the Data to Insight Center, and Executive Director of Kuali OLE at Indiana University. In his positions, he leads the library information technology department, the library systems department, and the digital library program. In addition he currently serves as Executive Director of Kuali OLE and works closely with the OLE Board, the OLE Functional Council and the OLE Technical Council. Previously, Mr. McDonald has held sr. management positions with the San Diego Supercomputer Center and Florida State University. Mr. McDonald is an active speaker and writer and has presented previously at the conferences of EDUCAUSE, the Coalition for Networked Information, iPRES, MERLOT, and the American Library Association. His article on the Kuali Open Library Environment can be found in the June 2011 issue of Educause Quarterly <>.