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11:00 am-12:00 pm

classroom.NEXT: What happens when faculty and students design a classroom?

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Texas Wesleyan University undertook a project to find out what a classroom would look like if it were designed by faculty and students—and then to build that classroom. The goal was to promote innovation in learning space design and to advance instructors’ understanding of how classroom design impacts teaching and learning.
Amy Collier, William Watson, Arturo Ozuna
Amy Collier is the Associate Director for Technology and Teaching at Stanford University. Prior to working at Stanford, Amy served as the Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Texas Wesleyan University, where her group implemented classroom.NEXT as a learning space design and faculty development initiative. With more than 8 years of experience in supporting and improving teaching and learning at universities, Amy brings expertise in online education, learning spaces, learner-centered teaching, social and professional networking, and the integration of technology in teaching.
As a Faculty Development Specialist at Texas Wesleyan University, Arturo Ozuna utilizes his experience with curriculum development, instructional design, and instructional technology to develop, implement, and assess professional development programs. He also supports new and experienced faculty by providing events and resources emphasizing learner-centered teaching. Arturo has worked in higher education for 12 years and has over 5 years’ experience in faculty development and training.
Bill Watson is the Director for the Center for Teaching and Learning at Parker University in Dallas, Texas, where he manages its programs and projects. Prior to this position, he worked as a  faculty development specialist for the Center for Excellent in Teaching and Learning at Texas Wesleyan University where he assisted faculty in curriculum design, teaching methodologies, and the development of learning resources for their classes.  He has developed and taught numerous online, traditional, and hybrid US history courses for the University of North Texas and Tarrant County College.