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9:00 am-10:00 am

Mobile Phones in Education: Opportunities, Perils, and Promises

This session will provide a historical overview of mobile phones, initially mere communication devices transforming into a gaming, social media connectedness and educational tool with powerful potential.
Moving beyond mobile phones for voice calling to conducting educational activities, present many challenges. Promises and solutions abound for mobile phone educational integration and policies, but is it a perilous pursuit? Isn’t the mobile phone a disruptive force? What are examples of successful and promising initiatives that incorporated mobile phones into educational contexts? This session offers some examples of practical pedagogical practices elucidated by scholastic theories that will inform your educational mobile phone initiatives.
Dominic Mentor
Dominic Mentor, Ed.D., is an Associate Adjunct Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University. He initiated and co-teaches the nation’s first mobile phone learning class and a course on cognition and handheld devices. His research interests include the social impact and pedagogical potential of mobile communication, social media and mLearning.