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Balancing Pedagogy, Interactivity, and Accessibility: A Faculty-IT Support Partnership

This session focuses on collaboration between the faculty from the Learning Technologies Division of the College of Education and Human Development,  and the accessibility support services at a 4-year public institution to address all three of these challenges simultaneously during the development of an interactive and accessible self-paced e-learning course designed to teach undergraduates to cultivate the self-discipline and self-direction required for success in online courses. This course is part of the university’s overall strategy of offering innovative, high quality distance education programs that meet the needs of a diverse student body.
Dr. Shahron Williams van Rooij, George Mason University
Kara Zirkle, George Mason University
Dr. Shahron Williams van Rooij is associate professor of Learning Technologies at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Her research interests include open source software for teaching and learning, project management, e-learning, and workplace learning and development.
Kara Zirkle is the IT Accessibility Coordinator for the Assistive Technology Initiative (ATI) at George Mason University. ATI works collaboratively  with all departments/units within the Mason community to develop and coordinate implementation of a university-wide accessibility plan to ensure equivalent access to information technology, e-learning, and communication resources.