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Tips and Strategies for Offering Your First Successful MOOC – As a Personal Endeavor

You may have heard of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) and know that many universities are offering free online courses.  The thought of sharing information with thousands of students can be inspiring.  The fact that it is free and open, means that anyone can enter the course and explore.  Currently, there are hundreds of free courses being offered; from well know universities to small colleges, the MOOC phenomenon is growing.  I recently offered a MOOC and I learned several key processes that will help first time MOOC instructors.  At this session I will share these processes, from planning to delivery. Learn how you can survive and thrive in this open online environment.
Joseph Zisk, California University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Joseph Zisk has experience in online course development and teaching.  In addition, he was an accomplished high school science teacher receiving several awards. He is currently a university professor where he has received the Faculty Professional Development Technology Award and the University President Faculty Service Award.  Joe has conducted many workshops and he has presented at numerous conventions. His area of interest is using instructional videos and in using audio/video feedback to students.  He is a Quality Matters reviewer and had QM course recognition. Currently he is the coordinator of a graduate online program, director of the university Teaching and Learning Center and teaches online courses.  As director of the Teaching and Learning Center, Dr. Zisk provides and coordinates training for faculty.