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Flipping and Flopping in the Classroom

Utilization of educational strategies incorporating active learning is an asset for today's educators.  Active teaching and learning strategies are not new concepts, but have become buzz words in the education world over the past few years.  Most recently, the flipped classroom has become the rage with many faculty ready to jump on board with implementing the new style.  Evidence continually shows that active learning and student engagement results in increased retention of information and increased student success.  However, flipping the classroom does not come without many challenges for faculty and students.  Faculty must assume a new role in the classroom setting, preparation for class time becomes more on-the-spot, and a significant amount of time must be spent developing the preparatory materials for the student.  Students struggle with the transition into a new style of content presentation and what is expected of them, technology may not be accessible for all students, and many students prefer a more traditional class style.  Ideas and strategies for flipping the classroom will be shared for three disciplines: psychology, chemistry, and nursing. 
The purpose of this presentation is to share experiences in flipping the classroom: the good and the bad.  Presenters will share lessons learned in flipping the classroom in three different disciplines, strategies to overcome barriers faced, challenges for the faculty, approaches that have proven successful, and student feedback related to the flipped classroom.  The presenters will share strategies proven successful for participants to implement in the classroom without flopping.  
Dr. Robert Wright, Louisiana State University at Alexandria
Alicia Book, Louisiana State University at Alexandria
Anne Chevalier, Louisiana State University at Alexandria
Robert Wright is an associate professor of psychology at LSU Alexandria.  His BS. MA and PhD in psychology are all from LSU.  He has been teaching at LSU Alexandria for 7 years.  
Alicia Book is a assistant professor of nursing at LSU Alexandria for 7 years.  Her ASN is from LSU Alexandra, her BSN and MSN are from Northwestern State University.    She is currently enrolled in the EdD in Curriculum Design and Instruction at ULM.  
Anne Chevalier is an instructor of chemistry at LSU Alexandria.  Her BS is from the University of Illinois and her MS is from Princeton University.  She has been teaching at LSU Alexandria for 14 years.  Alicia was once one of Anne's chemistry students.