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I Deserve an "A": Effective Assessment in Online Courses

How many times have you heard students say, "I deserve an 'A'"? As online professors, we want our students to learn and earn the grades they truly deserve!! How well is the assessment component of your course structured?

Front-end: Do the instructions for discussions, assignments, projects, and papers provide clear details for your students? Are there places your students stumble repeatedly as you
teach and reteach your online courses?

Back-end: When you are assessing your students' work, are there gaps between the objectives of the assignment and the rubric used for assessment? How much time do you spend assessing each of the items your students submits? Is the process streamlined and efficient or is it clunky and time consuming?

This presentation will provide excellent strategies for redesigning the front-end and back-end of the assessment process to promote student learning, effectiveness, and efficiency. Implementing these strategies will help the professor focus time on positively engaging with the students.
Usha Jagannathan, Kaplan University
Risa Blair, Kaplan University