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Academic Integrity Strategies You Can Use Tomorrow

This session 1) addresses the different concerns—and definitions—of “originality” across the units of the higher-education institution; 2) provides a framework for identifying various types of academic-integrity strategies, and for matching those strategies to the needs of instructors, departments, and institutions; and 3) offers examples of each academic-integrity technique, best practices for each, and practical implementation tips.
Dr.Tom Tobin, Northeastern Illinois University
Thomas J. Tobin, Ph.D., M.S.L.S., P.M.P. / Coordinator of Learning Technologies, Center for Teaching and Learning / Northeastern Illinois University 
Tom's work focuses on using technology to extend the reach of higher education beyond its traditional audience. He advocates for the educational rights of people with disabilities and people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Tom serves on the editorial boards of the Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration and the Journal of Interactive Online Learning, and he has published in many areas related to distance education, including copyright, evaluation of teaching practice, academic integrity, and institutional project management.