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Can Existing Quality Guidelines Inform Faculty Participation in Online Course Design

As higher education institutions of all types, for-profit and not-for-profit, decide to increase their online learning offerings, the process of creating an online course can be underestimated in terms of the time, resources, and expertise required. Fortunately there are a number of existing guidelines that can be used to guide the work, and two addressed in this presentation are gaining popularity: Quality Matters and Quality Scorecard.  /  / Faculty members often serve as "SMEs" providing content area expertise as part of a design team. They also work independently creating online versions of courses they teach in traditional settings. In both scenarios, availability of faculty support resources can be limited.  /  / Objectives include: a) comparison of Quality Matters Rubric and Quality Scorecard, b) proposed list of knowledge areas for faculty members involved in the online course design, c) faculty development and support that incorporates the consideration of quality measures.  /
Dr. Melissa Venable,
Amy Helbelink, Laureate Education
Melissa Venable is an Education Writer for where she authors the Inside Online Learning blog. Her background includes work in higher education – private, public, and for-profit – as an instructional designer and course designer. Melissa is also an experienced online instructor and career advisor. She earned her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction - Instructional Technology from the University of South Florida.Join Melissa on Twitter (@Melissa_Venable) and Google+ ( 
Amy Hilbelink is the Executive Director of Program Design – Health Sciences, Human Services, and Public Policy & Administration at Laureate Education in the Product Strategy, Innovation, and Development (PSID) Group. Amy was the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Online Academic Operations at Education Management Corporation (EDMC), one of the largest providers of private post-secondary education in North America. She also held leadership roles in the areas of academic strategies and development as well as curriculum development at Kaplan University. She earned her PhD from the University of South Florida, in Tampa Florida. Her degree is in Curriculum and Instruction, with an emphasis in Instructional Technology in healthcare education. Amy enjoys scuba diving, biking, yoga and spending time with her family.