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How to Increase Student Engagement in Introductory Courses Using Mobile Devices

It has been argued that the use of Internet technology in large classes may help increase interaction between students and instructors and create a more active learning environment (Fitch, 2004; Stephens, 2005).  However, this claim has been challenged by those who worry that the introduction of laptops into class may cause more harm than good (Fried, 2008; Kadoka, 2005; McWilliams, 2005). The introduction of laptops into classrooms provides students tempting distractions from course material, such as communication channels to their peers and social networks that are often difficult to resist.  This presentation includes a presentation of data that suggests that there are pedagogical benefits to the use of mobile devices if those devices if students can use those devices during class to answer questions, ask questions and play a more active role in the class.
Perry Samson, University of Michigan
Perry Samson is Professor of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences at the University of Michigan where he holds an Arthur F. Thurnau Professorship at the University of Michigan in recognition of “outstanding contributions to undergraduate education”.  In 2010 Prof. Samson was named “Distinguished Professor of the Year” by the President’s Council of Universities in the State of Michigan.  Perry teaches courses in both extreme weather and entrepreneurship and annually leads undergraduates on a springtime expedition to study tornadic thunderstorms in the Great Plains of the United States.