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What the Learning Tendencies of New College Students Can Tell Us About Their Academic Achievement

This session will discuss utilization of the Let Me Learn Process, an advanced learning system, on the persistence of conditionally admitted, first-year college students at the University of South Florida. Through the facilitation of a 2-credit hour Strategic Learning course the summer before matriculation, students were instructed to develop personalized, metacognitive strategies in order to increase academic efficiency and success. The development of self-awareness as a learner is achieved through an in-depth examination of individual learning preferences.  /  / After one year of university matriculation, the learning patterns of individual students were compared with academic success as determined by first year GPA. The data revealed that students with certain learning pattern combinations were more successful than others.  This research has been extended to a faculty member's work at Ashford University where a 5-week online course built around Let Me Learn has been developed and utilized with adult, online students. Currently, more than 10,000 students per year are taking the course and research on student success is underway.  
Jeffrey Hall, Ashford University
Jeffrey Hall is a Professor and Lead Faculty in the College of Education at Ashford University.  He is responsible for an online Student Success Orientation experience as well as a college success course that the majority of Ashford students complete.  Jeff has over 10 years experience teaching, advising, and researching at-risk student populations