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Planning for Learning: Maintaining Integrity and Interaction in Online Classrooms

In order to attract and retain students in today’s online marketplace, institutions of higher education must focus on producing rigorous and engaging online learning opportunities. Learn how one department chair and an instructional designer collaborated to ensure program integrity while moving a traditional education program to an alternative delivery format.  Participants will have an opportunity to explore ways in which they might effectively transition their own courses from the physical classroom to the virtual one.
Dr. Marianne True, Plymouth State University 
Dr. Stacey Curdie-Meade, Plymouth State University
Dr. Marianne True is a Professor and Chair of the Elementary Education and Childhood Studies Department at Plymouth State University.  She has worked in public schools as a teacher, assistant principal and principal and has been recognized as New Hampshire Teacher of the Year.   She currently serves as Editor of the New Hampshire Journal of Education. Marianne works with school districts throughout the state on topics such as Understanding by Design, differentiation, classroom management, and the change process.
Dr. Stacey Curdie-Meade has been teaching online in English and Communications since 1998. In addition to teaching, she currently works as an instructional designer in Learning Technologies and Online Education and is co-editor of The New Hampshire Journal of Education. Her career and education have been a blend of administrative, technical, and instructional experiences, culminating in a focus on online education.