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 Sessions by Subject

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2/14/20139:00am10:00amView SessionSponsor Session: CourseSmartview details
collapse Subject : Accessibility ‎(3)
2/22/201311:00am12:00pmView RecordingMaking E-Learning Accessibleview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/19/20131:00pm2:00pmView RecordingIntegrating Accessibility Best Practices Into Online Courses Through the Learning Management System (LMS): A Test Caseview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/21/20132:00pm3:00pmView RecordingVideo Captioning for Accessibility: Penn State Demos Its Solutionview detailsAdd to Outlook
collapse Subject : Course Design ‎(10)
2/11/20139:00am10:00amView RecordingEstablishing Quality Outcomes on Three Levels: Program, Course, and Lessonview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/12/20139:00am10:00amView RecordingStrategies for Designing and Redesigning Coursesview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/12/201311:00am12:00pmView RecordingDesigning Distance Education for Access and Equity: Structure and Content view detailsAdd to Outlook
2/18/20132:00pm3:00pmView RecordingRevisiting Course Design with the Learner in Mindview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/20/20139:00am10:00amView RecordingOvercoming the barriers of online assessment: effective use of Web-facilitated and blended instructional delivery modelsview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/14/201310:00am11:00amView RecordingCollaborating for Quality: A Discussion of Approaches to Course Design and Developmentview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/20/201310:00am11:00amView RecordingeDI:  Differentiating Instruction Onlineview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/14/201311:00am12:00pmView RecordingDesign and Implementation of Universal Course Shell Templates to Enhance Student Outcomes in Online Degree Programsview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/20/20133:00pm4:00pmView RecordingCourse Design Strategies to Help Ensure that Learning is Accessible to Culturally Diverse Online Learnersview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/19/20133:00pm4:00pmView RecordingImproving courses across an online program: A design-based approach view detailsAdd to Outlook
collapse Subject : Flipped Classroom ‎(5)
2/12/201310:00am11:00amView RecordingTech-Fueled Teaching and Learningview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/18/201311:00am12:00pmView RecordingFlipping the Classroom - Succeeding With Reverse Instructionview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/20/201311:00am12:00pmView RecordingInverted Classroom Tools and Best Practicesview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/20/20131:00pm2:00pmView RecordingInverted Classrooms: “The Future of Education”view detailsAdd to Outlook
2/19/20137:00pm8:00pmView RecordingFlipped Classroom: Strategies and Tipsview detailsAdd to Outlook
collapse Subject : Institutional Issues ‎(15)
2/12/20131:00pm2:00pmView RecordingEnhancing Online Learning with Video Elementsview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/12/20133:00pm4:00pmView RecordingInnovative Models for American Universitiesview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/13/20139:00am10:00amView RecordingState Authorization From A-Zview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/13/20131:00pm2:00pmView RecordingWhat Do Unsuccessful Online Students Want Us to Know?: Monroe CC's Online Retention Student Survey Resultsview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/13/20133:00pm4:00pmView RecordingDirty Rotten Plagiarizersview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/18/201310:00am11:00amView RecordingRedesigning Traditional Faculty Development: A Hybrid Approach to Online Teaching Certificationview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/18/20133:00pm4:00pmView RecordingOnline Class Size vs. Students’ Successview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/21/201310:00am11:00amView RecordingProcess Mapping: Navigating the Maze!view detailsAdd to Outlook
2/19/201311:00am12:00pmView RecordingSeven Recommendations to Advance Online Learning at Traditional Postsecondary Institutionsview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/21/20131:00pm2:00pmView RecordingFaculty Development: Getting Faculty on the Same Pageview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/19/201312:00pm1:00pmView SessionSponsor Session: Desire2Learn Analyticsview details
2/20/201312:00pm1:00pmView SessionSponsor Session: Desire2Learn Campus Lifeview details
2/14/20132:00pm3:00pmView RecordingWhat About the Faculty? Creating Faculty Focused Distance Education Professional Developmentview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/14/20133:00pm4:00pmView RecordingFill the Gap - Mobile Firstview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/21/20137:00pm8:00pmView RecordingDeveloping a comprehensive campus-wide online student services initiative view detailsAdd to Outlook
collapse Subject : iPads ‎(3)
2/12/20132:00pm3:00pmView RecordingiPads in Graduate Professional Educationview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/14/20131:00pm2:00pmView SessionThe Mouse is Dead: Welcome to the Higher Education Classroom in the Post-PC Eraview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/22/20132:00pm3:00pmView SessioniPads for the iProfsview detailsAdd to Outlook
collapse Subject : ITV/Videoconferencing ‎(5)
2/11/20131:00pm2:00pmView RecordingExamining Interaction and Immediacy Behaviors in Distance Educationview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/15/201311:00am12:00pmView RecordingDeveloping a Pedagogy of ITV Teaching Experience through a Teaching Circleview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/15/20131:00pm2:00pmView RecordingTeaching on Television: the Essentialsview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/21/20139:00am10:00amView RecordingVideoconferencing: Creating the Virtual Classroomview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/22/201312:00pm1:00pmView RecordingA Systematic Approach to Training Faculty to Teach via a Two-Way Interactive Television Systemview detailsAdd to Outlook
collapse Subject : Quality Matters ‎(5)
2/11/201310:00am11:00amView RecordingIntegrating QM into a Consistent Learner Experience for Online Degree Programsview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/13/20132:00pm3:00pmView RecordingOnline Student Orientation – A Preemptive Way to Support Learners that Helps Meet QM Standard 7.1view detailsAdd to Outlook
2/15/20133:00pm4:00pmView RecordingImplementing QM in Our Institution – What Worked for Usview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/18/20139:00am10:00amView RecordingDeveloping a Plan and Process to Implement QM and Incentivize Facultyview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/18/20137:00pm8:00pmView RecordingStatewide Implementation of QM - If You Build It, They WILL Comeview detailsAdd to Outlook
collapse Subject : STEM ‎(2)
2/19/20132:00pm3:00pmView RecordingDevelopment and Delivery of Online Courses: Supporting STEM Faculty as They Transition to Online Teachingview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/20/20137:00pm8:00pmView RecordingBuilding an Interactive Student-Centered Online Learning Community view detailsAdd to Outlook
collapse Subject : Teaching & Learning ‎(14)
2/11/20132:00pm3:00pmView SessionMaking the switch: Moving from Wimba Classroom to Blackboard Collaborateview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/11/20133:00pm4:00pmView RecordingMaking Group Work Better: Tips and Techniques for Facilitating Interactionview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/12/20137:00pm8:00pmView RecordingUsing Teamwork in an Online Class: Five Successful Strategiesview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/13/201310:00am11:00amView RecordingExploring ePortfolio Variations for Learningview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/13/201311:00am12:00pmView RecordingIncorporating Elements of Suspense to Facilitate Robust Online Discourseview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/15/20139:00am10:00amView RecordingGoing the Distance: Rethinking Pedagogy in an Online Experienceview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/15/201310:00am11:00amView RecordingReal-time Instructor and Social Presence in Distance Learning: Overcoming Planning, Training, Delivery, and Logistical Challengesview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/15/20132:00pm3:00pmView RecordingBest Practices for Organizing Content view detailsAdd to Outlook
2/18/20131:00pm2:00pmView RecordingOnline Laboratories - Possible, Practical, Effective view detailsAdd to Outlook
2/22/20139:00am10:00amView RecordingMeaningful Engagement in the Classroom: Ideas for Developing Active Teaching Techniques  view detailsAdd to Outlook
2/19/201310:00am11:00amNot AvailableCANCELLED:  Instructional Design: Copyright Infringement: Pitfalls of SME as Writersview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/22/201310:00am11:00amView RecordingDesigning Gamification into Your Courses and Teaching view detailsAdd to Outlook
2/21/201311:00am12:00pmView RecordingLessons Learned in Developing a Multimedia-Rich Online Italian Language-learning Courseview detailsAdd to Outlook
2/21/20133:00pm4:00pmView RecordingStudent Learning Outcomes: How Are Online Students Doing?view detailsAdd to Outlook