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 Conference Sessions (All Times EST)

collapse Date : 2/10/2014 ‎(6)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveBalancing Pedagogy, Interactivity, and Accessibility: A Faculty-IT Support PartnershipView details
10:00am11:00amView ArchiveShould I Record My Class meetings? Effects of Online Videos on Student Attendance, Engagement and PerformanceView details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveFrom Flipped Class to Re-Claimed Course: Technology-enhanced TeachingView details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveTeaching that Captures the Needs of the Adult LearnerView details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchivePlanning for Learning: Maintaining Integrity and Interaction in Online ClassroomsView details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveWant to Engage Students in Effective Groups?  Educate Them!View details
collapse Date : 2/11/2014 ‎(5)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveBeyond the Hype: How are MOOCs Affecting Higher Education Ecosystems?View details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveProviding Effective Online Student Support Services 24/7View details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveTaking Command in the Online Classroom - Teaching Practices that WorkView details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveClassroom of the FutureView details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveEngage the Disengaged: Strategies for Addressing the Expectations of Today’s Online Millennials. View details
collapse Date : 2/12/2014 ‎(6)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveSimple Ways to Teach More StudentsView details
10:00am11:00amView ArchiveOnline Orientation: Getting Students to Use It!View details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveCommon Success Factors Designing Collaborative Learning using Educational TechnologiesView details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveTips and Strategies for Offering Your First Successful MOOC – As a Personal EndeavorView details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveTeacher Presence in the Online Environment: Guidance of Best PracticeView details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveFlipping and Flopping in the ClassroomView details
collapse Date : 2/13/2014 ‎(7)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveEffective Feedback for Online LearnersView details
10:00am11:00amView ArchiveThe Student-Faculty Chasm: Looking at Where Student and Faculty Expectations Meet and DivergeView details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveLeveraging Recorded Mini-Lectures to Increase Student LearningView details
12:00pm1:00pmView ArchiveEffective Teaching Methods to Engage Students: A Closer Look at Learner-Centered TeachingView details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveWorking with local campus communities / various stakeholders, based on e-Literate TV exampleView details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveHow Do They Learn to Learn? Teaching Students Effective Strategies for Succeeding in Your CourseView details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveI Deserve an "A": Effective Assessment in Online CoursesView details
collapse Date : 2/14/2014 ‎(6)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveInstitutional Transformation: Case study on Rethinking Strategy, Relationships, and PracticesView details
10:00am11:00amView ArchiveHow Incorporating Online Tools Reduced Lecturing and Increased Active LearningView details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchivePractical Strategies for Flipping Your CoursesView details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveAcademic Integrity Strategies You Can Use TomorrowView details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveCan Existing Quality Guidelines Inform Faculty Participation in Online Course DesignView details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveeTexts — New Media, New Publishing, New Education?View details
collapse Date : 2/17/2014 ‎(6)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveHow to Increase Student Engagement in Introductory Courses Using Mobile DevicesView details
10:00am11:00amView ArchiveCreating Your Own eTextbooks: Challenges and MythsView details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveFast-track Faculty-driven Online Course DevelopmentView details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveOnline Instructors Have a Life Too!: Balancing the See Saw of Work/Life Balance IssuesView details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveVirtual Compass: Orienting Students with Blended SupportView details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveTransition to the Future: The eTextbook ShiftView details
collapse Date : 2/18/2014 ‎(7)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveFlipping the ClassroomView details
10:0011:00amView ArchiveDesigning for Every Online LearnerView details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveMotivating and Rejuvenating Faculty Utilizing Interactive Online WorkshopsView details
12:00pm1:00pmEnter SessionHow Do They Learn to Learn? Teaching Students Effective Strategies for Succeeding in Your Course  View details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveApplying Universal Design to Improve Accessibility OnlineView details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveMajor Edtech Trends to Watch in the Next ~2 YearsView details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveDesign Elements that can Distinguish an Online ProgramView details
collapse Date : 2/19/2014 ‎(6)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveImplications of Incorporating Synchronous Video Conferencing Into Blended Course DesignView details
10:00am11:00amView ArchiveManaging a Statewide Initiative for Online QualityView details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveFaculty Plugged In! Empowering Education with TechnologyView details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveWhat the Learning Tendencies of New College Students Can Tell Us About Their Academic AchievementView details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveShould I Flip My Class? Why and How?View details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveUsing Kaltura in Higher EducationView details
collapse Date : 2/20/2014 ‎(6)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveReturn-Design: Boosting Student Engagement by Using Desire2Learn Solutions to Apply Online Instructional Strategies to Face-to-Face CoursesView details
10:00am11:00amView ArchiveInclusive E-Learning: Communicating with Students with DisabilitiesView details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveStructures and Leadership in Flux ? How Universities are Responding to the Implications and Opportunities of Online Distance Learning View details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveCreating Accessible Online CoursesView details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveEngaging Students in the Online Faculty Evaluation ProcessView details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveZero to Online in Six MonthsView details
collapse Date : 2/21/2014 ‎(6)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveTransforming Social Presence Through Course Design: Authentic Implementation of Discussion ToolsView details
10:00am11:00amView ArchiveExplore New Features Available with the Recent Upgrade to D2L LE 10.2View details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveConversation about Mobile LearningView details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveFlipped, or Flopped? View details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveSocial Media’s Role in Your Online ClassroomView details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveIT as a Service and the Future of IT on CampusView details