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collapse Date : 2/9/2015 ‎(6)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveDoes Your Presence Matter to Students? Teaching Presence in Online EducationView Details
10:00am11:00amView ArchivePromoting Academic Integrity in the 21st CenturyView Details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveIf You Record It, Will They Watch It? And Will It Matter? Exploring Student Perceptions of Online VideoView Details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveiPad Lecture CaptureView Details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveCreating and Implementing Faculty Online Teaching Standards: Our JourneyView Details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveCATs in the Online ClassroomView Details
collapse Date : 2/10/2015 ‎(6)
9:00am10:00amView ArchivePractical Accessibility for D2LView Details
10:00am11:00amView ArchiveBrightspace Game Based LearningView Details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveFive M's to Training and Developing Faculty to Teach OnlineView Details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveOnline Student Readiness: Prepare Students to Survive and Thrive in Distance LearningView Details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveIt's Not a Class, It's a Story: Gamification of a College CourseView Details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveHow Easy Can Connections Get?View Details
collapse Date : 2/11/2015 ‎(7)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveWalking the Walk, while Talking the Talk: 10 Best Practices for Teaching OnlineView Details
10:00am11:00amView ArchiveGamification: a low investment guideView Details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveExploring The Affordances and Limitations of Current and Emerging Assessment PracticesView Details
Noon1:00pmView ArchiveReadSpeaker:  Enhancing the Learning ExperienceSpotlight Sponsor Session
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveAdapting Online Programs to Changing Enrollment DemographicsView Details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveFaculty Development for Engaging Online Discussion ParticipationView Details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveAnchors Aweigh: Setting a Bearing for Mobile StudentsView Details
collapse Date : 2/12/2015 ‎(6)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveA Virtual ToolBox of Strategies and Tech Tools to Support Teaching and Learning OnlineView Details
10:00am11:00amView ArchiveTo What Degree Does Access to Mobile Devices Interfere with Attentiveness and Engagement in the Classroom?View Details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveVirtual Term AbroadView Details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveSafe and Sound: Testing Strategies for Distance StudentsView Details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveBe an eLearning Rock Star! Best Practices in Online FacilitationView Details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveReaching Our At-Risk Students: Strategies That WorkView Details
collapse Date : 2/13/2015 ‎(4)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveIntegrating Technology into the Online Classroom: One Strategy at a TimeView Details
10:00am11:00amView ArchiveMake it Work: Project Lecture CaptureView Details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveDefining “Successful” Video Conferencing for Distance Learning and BeyondView Details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveBest Practices in Planning for Group Work in Online CoursesView Details
collapse Date : 2/16/2015 ‎(5)
10:00am11:00amView ArchivePedagogy Focus Trumps Tech Training: creating video based instructional materialsView Details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveIntegrating Emerging Technologies and Information Literacy in Online LearningView Details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveGreeting Students at the Virtual Door: Developing an Online OrientationView Details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveGamified Online Course: The Journey Since 2012View Details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveUniversal Design for LearningView Details
collapse Date : 2/17/2015 ‎(8)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveReaching Online Learners: Being Smart Isn't EnoughView Details
10:00am11:00amView ArchiveFacilitating Faculty Success in the Online Learning EnvironmentView Details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveMaking Sure Your Distance Education is LegalView Details
Noon1:00pmJoin SessionReadSpeaker- docReader and more Accessible contentSpotlight Sponsor Session
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveDeveloping Mobile Friendly ContentView Details
1:00pm2:00pmCancelledCreating (Educational) Connections with Social MediaView Details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveA Macro View of E-Learning in Higher Education: Institutions, Faculty, and Students as Frames of ReferenceView Details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveFlip Classes & Lectures: We Know Why - But How?View Details
collapse Date : 2/18/2015 ‎(7)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveRe-thinking the Tired Model of Higher Education: New Modes of Content DeliveryView Details
10:00am11:00amView ArchiveADA Section 508 Compliance: Cheat SheetView Details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveTransformative Learning Online: Creating a Quality Learning EnvironmentView Details
12:00pm1:00pmCancelledReach Me Where I Am: Assistive Learning TechnologiesView Details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveGamification: It's Easier Than You Think!View Details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveTeaching Faculty to Teach Online: A Comprehensive Faculty Development ProgramView Details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveBeyond the Hype: Strategies for Successful iPad Programs in Higher EducationView Details
collapse Date : 2/19/2015 ‎(6)
9:00am10:00amView ArchiveDigital Engagement for Student SuccessView Details
10:00am11:00amView ArchiveGazing at Media: Glass in the ClassroomView Details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveImplementing Gamification Into a Blended Course DesignView Details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveApplying Mobile Technologies in the ClassroomView Details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveMeeting Your Students as Learners: First Day of Class ActivityView Details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveSetting Students Up for Success in Online CoursesView Details
collapse Date : 2/20/2015 ‎(7)
9:00am10:00amView Archive"Building your Own Yellow Brick Road: Designing Digital Personalized Career Focused Learning PathsView Details
10:00am11:00amView ArchiveDesigning Authentic Assignments to Engage StudentsView Details
11:00am12:00pmView ArchiveTeaching Foreign Languages Online: A Practical ApproachView Details
12:00pm1:00pmView ArchiveSocial Media and the Law: Bringing Social Media into the Classroom and Staying Out of CourtView Details
1:00pm2:00pmView ArchiveTurning on the Cameras in the Synchronous Online ClassroomView Details
2:00pm3:00pmView ArchiveAre You Teaching What You Think You Are Teaching?View Details
3:00pm4:00pmView ArchiveIs it Working? Stop Assuming and Start Assessing!View Details