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 Virtual Conference 2016

collapse Date : 2/15/2016 ‎(6)
9:00amView ArchiveTurning Barriers to Innovation into Foundations for Transformation
Stephen C. Ehrmann, Assoc. Dir. for Research & Evaluation, William E. Kirwan Center for Academic Innovation, University System of Maryland
10:00amJoin SessionFlipping the Professor
Diana Fordham, Missouri Southern State University
11:00amView ArchiveMoving Student Presentations Online
Kimberly Kenward, Instructional Designer,
Justin Melick, Digital Media Developer,
Dr. Rosemary Cleveland, Education Faculty,
Grand Valley State University -
1:00pmView ArchiveThe “Aha Moments” of Laboratory Course Redesign
S. Amy Skyles Instructional Designer, Adjunct Instructor of Biological Sciences Missouri University of Science and Technology
2:00pmView ArchiveFour Ways Not to Design Hybrid Courses. Number Three Will Shock You
Thomas J. Tobin Coordinator of Learning Technologies Northeastern Illinois University
3:00pmView ArchiveAccessibility Support Model: How a Large University Supports Diverse Learners Taking Online Courses
Nancy Swenson, M.A. Instructional Designer
collapse Date : 2/16/2016 ‎(5)
9:00amView ArchiveThe Truth About Copyright and Fair Use: Myths and Misconceptions Meet Reality
Linda K. Enghagen, J.D., Professor Isenberg School of Management University of Massachusetts
10:00amView ArchiveEasy, Flexible, Smart Competency Based Education Applied in Brightspace
Dave Maurer - Solutions Engineer Cory Gaber - Senior Account Manager
1:00pmCancelledWhen 'One Size Fits All' Really Doesn't Fit All: The Experience of Teaching Online
Elizabeth A. Gazza PhD, RN, LCCE, FACCE Associate Professor of Nursing University of North Carolina Wilmington
2:00pmView ArchiveDress Up Your Discussion Board and Take It Out to Dinner: Make Your Discussion Boards Sexy Again
Dr. Tamara Powell, Online Coordinator, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kennesaw State University
Dr. Justin Cochran, Online Coordinator, Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University
Dr. Julie Moore, Online Coordinator, Bagwell College of Education, Kennesaw State University
Dr. Deborah Mixson-Brookshire, Online Coordinator, University College, Kennesaw State University
3:00pmView ArchiveHow to Thrive in the BYOD Learning Environment
Curby Alexander, Texas Christian University
collapse Date : 2/17/2016 ‎(5)
9:00amView ArchiveDynamic Lecturing: 7 Strategies to Increase Learning
Christine Harrington Ph.D. Professor of Psychology and Director of the Center for the Enrichment of Learning and Teaching, Middlesex County College
10:00amView ArchiveThe Future of Online Learning Experiences
Dr. Rick Shearer Director World Campus Learning Design
1:00pmView ArchiveOnline Student Orientation: The Impact on Grades, Retention, and Preparedness
Tahnja Wilson, MBA/MIM Senior Manager, Strategic Design Initiatives ASU Online at EdPlus
2:00pmView Archive“Pushing limits” on-line Academic Integrity, Student Engagement and Quality Learning
Dr. Elaine Correa
3:00pmView ArchiveMaking Thinking Visible: Three Essential Elements No Class Can Live Without!
Katrina L Maynard, PhD
collapse Date : 2/18/2016 ‎(5)
9:00amView ArchiveI Am A Real Person In This Time and Space With You: Building Community In An Online Course
Dr. Donna T Petherbridge Associate Vice Provost, Instructional Technology Support and Development Services Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA) and Teaching Assistant Professor, Leadership, Policy & Adult and Higher Education College of Education
10:00amView ArchiveEngaging Online Students to Increase Retention
Wren Mills, Ph.D., Distance Learning Training Coordinator, WKU
1:00pmView ArchiveThe Future of Online Courses
Catheryn Cheal, Ph.D
2:00pmView ArchiveTeaching Online and Its Impact on Face-to-Face Teaching
Lorna Kearns, University of Pittsburgh
3:00pmView ArchiveReboot Your Delivery (BYOD)
Sue Bhuyan Instructional Designer Victoria Gerstorfer Instructional Designer
collapse Date : 2/19/2016 ‎(6)
9:00amView ArchiveBlurring the lines of delivery: Integrating distributed instructional modalities for adult learners – a review of best practices
Adrian C. Zappala, Ph.D. Dean of Graduate Studies Peirce College Philadelphia, PA
10:00amView ArchiveOnline Instruction for the Social Science Nontraditional Student
Colita Nichols Fairfax, Ph.D.
11:00amView ArchiveDescribing the Elephant: Personalizing the Student Experience
Thomas Cavanagh, Ph.D. Associate Vice President of Distributed Learning at the University of Central Florida
1:00pmView ArchiveBuilding Strong Learning Communities for the Video Conference Classroom
Tommy Lister, Director of Distributed Learning Jeff DeSurra, Instructional Designer
2:00pmView ArchiveWorking with Group Activities in an Online Class
Christopher J. Smith, College of San Mateo
3:00pmView ArchiveInteractive Storytelling & Online Course Design
Sally Baldwin, Boise State University Yu-Hui Ching, Boise State University
collapse Date : 2/22/2016 ‎(6)
9:00amView ArchiveHow to Structure a Course that Promotes and Encourages Academic Integrity
Wendy Lampner, Manager of Design and Development Services
10:00amView ArchiveImpact of Mobile Technology on Student Attitudes, Engagement, and Learning
Jennifer Shewmaker, Abilene Christian University Houston Heflin, Abilene Christian University
11:00amView ArchiveEvaluating Distance Learning: Quality Indicators from a Learner's Perspective
Asimoula (Mina) Valai, Graduate student, School of Education, Iowa State University Denise A. Schmidt-Crawford, Associate Professor and Director, Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching, Iowa State University Kenneth J. Moore, Professor, Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University
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