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 Virtual Conference 2016

collapse Date : 2/22/2016 ‎(6)
9:00amView ArchiveHow to Structure a Course that Promotes and Encourages Academic Integrity
Wendy Lampner, Manager of Design and Development Services
10:00amView ArchiveImpact of Mobile Technology on Student Attitudes, Engagement, and Learning
Jennifer Shewmaker, Abilene Christian University Houston Heflin, Abilene Christian University
11:00amView ArchiveEvaluating Distance Learning: Quality Indicators from a Learner's Perspective
Asimoula (Mina) Valai, Graduate student, School of Education, Iowa State University Denise A. Schmidt-Crawford, Associate Professor and Director, Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching, Iowa State University Kenneth J. Moore, Professor, Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University
1:00pmView ArchiveThe "Problem" with 508-Compliance and Accessibility
Richard A. Schilke, Ed.D. AVP, Technology-Enhanced Learning Texas A&M University-Central Texas
2:00pmView ArchiveHow to Be Human: Teaching Real People in Digital Spaces
Dr. Deidre Price, Professor of English
3:00pmView ArchiveIs this thing on? Facilitating engaging and interactive web conference sessions
Sara Ombres Assistant Director, Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide
collapse Date : 2/23/2016 ‎(7)
9:00amView ArchiveEngaging Online Learners to Create an Effective Learning Environment
Kimberly Hardy, Ph.D. Assistant Vice Provost University of Central Florida
10:00amView ArchiveAccessible Design: (Most of) the Why and (Some of) the How
Ken Petri, Director, Web Accessibility Center Pete Bossley, Accessibility Analyst Jessica Phillips, Sr. Instructional Designer and Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
11:00amView ArchiveMoving Beyond the Flip: Creating Global Classrooms
Emilee Simmons, University of Leeds Dana D’Angelo, Drexel University
12:00PMView ArchiveRESCHEDULED from last week: Topping Out on Bloom: Technology for Student Projects
Maureen Dunbar, Assoc Prof & Biology/Biochemistry Program Coordinator Ike Shibley, Assoc Prof & Science Program Coordinator
1:00pmView ArchiveReaching Millennial Learners Using Next-Generation Methods in the Classroom
Tammy Winner, University of North Alabama Kathleen Richards, University of North Alabama
2:00pmView ArchiveDeveloping an Online Learning Unit for Next Generation Learners
John Vivolo, Director of Online and Virtual Learning, New York University
3:00pmView ArchiveEight Principles of Effective Online Teaching: A Decade-long Lessons Learned
Clara Man Cheung, University of Maryland John Cable, University of Maryland
collapse Date : 2/24/2016 ‎(7)
9:00amView ArchiveEffective Online Learning From the Student Perspective: A Journey Behind the Screens
Mel Henry, PhD Candidate, School of Psychology & Social Science, Edith Cowan University Professor Julie Ann Pooley,School of Psychology & Social Science, Edith Cowan University Associate Professor Maryam Omari, School of Business & Law, Edith Cowan University
10:00amView ArchiveFrom Tips of Icebergs to Depths of Inquiry: Ten Strategies for Deepening Online Dialogue
Rebecca Zambrano, Director of Online Faculty Development
11:00amView ArchiveNo Easy Job: Teaching Online
Lynne Trevisan, D.C., Assistant Professor Karen Bakuzonis, Ph.D., Program Chair BSHIM Joseph (Trevor) Belcher, Ph.D., Program Chair MAPSY
12:00pmView ArchiveRESCHEDULED: Adapting Online Courses to Comply with Federal Guidelines and Legislation for Students with Disabilities
Michelle Beach, Southwest Minnesota State University Angela Bagne, Minnesota State Community & Technical College
1:00pmView ArchiveBest Practices in Effective Online Instruction: Quality vs. Quantity in Student-Faculty and Student-Student Interaction
Donna McLaughlin, MSW, Clinical Associate Professor, Group Work Specialization Program Coordinator, Boston University, School of Social Work Polly Smith, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Online Learning, Utica College Kim Weller, Ph.D., Associate Professor, James L. Knight School of Communication, Queens University of Charlotte
2:00pmView ArchiveAn Online Alternative to Traditional Study Abroad
Wendy Howard, University of Central Florida Glenda Gunter, University of Central Florida
3:00pmView ArchiveGoing Beyond Course Design: Implementing Online Delivery Standards
Sherrell Wheeler, Director of Online Quality Assurance, New Mexico State University Alamogordo
collapse Date : 2/25/2016 ‎(6)
9:00amView ArchiveThe Design, Implementation and Assessment of Active Learning Spaces to Facilitate Active and Collaboration Teaching and Learning
Jeffrey Ashley, Director of the Center for Teaching Innovation and Nexus Learning, Philadelphia University Susan Frostén, Associate Provost, Philadelphia University Sally Dankner, Graduate Student in Interior Design, Philadelphia University
10:00amView ArchiveThe Art of Curation: Best Practices for Using Open Educational Resources (OERs)
Eileen Horn, Sr. Instructional Designer
11:00amView ArchiveIntegrating Accessible and Compliant Video to your College LMS
Anthony J. Hoos, Digital Content Manager & Adjunct Instructor, Mass Media and Graphic Design Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus Peter M. Eberle, MBA Senior Instructor of Business Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus Michael A. Ridenour, Jr. Instructor of Business Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus William S. Gardner Program Coordinator Business Department Instructor of Business Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus
1:00pmView ArchiveKeys To Scaling Your Lecture Capture Program
Duncan McBogg, Program Manager for Distance Learning Services, University of Colorado Boulder
2:00pmView ArchiveResidential Students Moving Online: The New Traditional Paradigm
Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson, Director, Student and Faculty Services, Kansas State University Global Campus
3:00pmView ArchiveCreating Presence in Online Courses: Research, Practice, and Student Experiences
Thomas Mays, Assistant Professor, Business Technology
collapse Date : 2/26/2016 ‎(7)
9:00amView ArchiveUsing Digital Ink in a Collaboratory to Make Student Thinking Visible
Michael Lafreniere, Associate Professor
10:00amView ArchiveCreating Interactive Video Lectures to Increase Student Engagement
Lori Finn, The Sage Colleges Cheryl Davis, The Sage Colleges
11:00amView ArchiveBridging the Generation Gap Between Faculty and Today's College Students
Renee Hewitt, Ed.S., Instructional Designer Chi-Hsun Chiu, Ph.D., Educational Technologist Kim Glover, M.S., MLS, Academic User Experience Designer
12:00PMView ArchibeRESCHEDULED from last week: Overcoming Challenges to a Flipped Classroom
Stephanie Butler Velegol, PhD
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