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collapse Date : 2/13/2017 ‎(6)
2/13/2017View Details9:00am10:00amView RecordingLaying the Groundwork for Positive Technology Changes
Dr. Stephanie Delaney, Dean of Academic Transfer Programs
2/13/2017View Details10:00am11:00amView RecordingThe Interactive Classroom… Using Edtech to Deconstruct the Traditional Lecture
Dina Moati. Professor, Faculty Development Consultant
2/13/2017View Details11:00amNoonView RecordingDebunking Online Quality Myths: Using Data to Evaluate Online Education
Chris J. Foley, Assistant Vice President and Director of Online Education, IU Online Sharon Wavle, Associate Director, Decision Support & Reporting, IU Online
2/13/2017View Details1:00pm2:00pmView RecordingAre you OK with OER?
Oliver Dreon, Phd Greg Szczyrbak
2/13/2017View Details2:00pm3:00pmView RecordingFactors that Influence Student Attrition in Online Courses
Melanie Shaw, Assistant Dean, Dissertation Faculty, Northcentral University Scott Burrus, Director of Research, University of Phoenix Karen Ferguson, Assistant Provost, Colorado State University - Global Campus
2/13/2017View Details3:00pm4:00pmView RecordingPerspectives on Engaging Online Students
Jennifer Pencek Programming Coordinator Penn State's Center for Women Students
collapse Date : 2/14/2017 ‎(6)
2/14/2017View Details9:00am10:00amView RecordingEngaging Online Students from Every Direction
Dr. Matt Davis, Director of Online Learning Lauren Havens, Online Navigator Kelly Clayton, Online Navigator
2/14/2017View Details10:00am11:00amView RecordingConnecting Through Videoconferencing: Improving Meeting Success in Virtual Environments
Dr. Tamela W. Smith
2/14/2017View Details11:00amNoonView RecordingTransformative Teaching and Learning in a Culture of Change
Dr. Susan R. Adams, Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Katie Brooks, Associate Professor of Education Dr. Brooke Kandel-Cisco, Associate Professor of Education
2/14/2017View Details1:00pm2:00pmView RecordingEfficient Online Instruction: Leveraging Technology to Maximize Teaching Effectiveness
B. Jean Mandernach, Executive Director, Center for Innovation of Research and Teaching, Grand Canyon University Rick Holbeck, Executive Director, Full Time Faculty, Grand Canyon University
2/14/2017View Details2:00pm3:00pmView RecordingThe Next Big Challenges and Opportunities in eLearning
Fred Lokken: Professor of Political Science at Truckee Meadows Community College Terry Norris: Director of eLearning at the College of Southern Nevada
2/14/2017View Details3:00pm4:00pmView RecordingInteractive, Collaborative and Inexpensive: A New Approach to Classroom Design
Dan Case - Academic Technology Sean Courtney - Network Administrator
collapse Date : 2/15/2017 ‎(6)
2/15/2017View Details9:00am10:00amView RecordingThe Exam Is About To Begin, Please Turn On Your Smartphones
Alisha C. Nypaver, M.M.
2/15/2017View Details10:00am11:00amView RecordingUsing Augmented Reality in Distance and F2F Education
Nedim Slijepcevic
2/15/2017View Details11:00amNoonView RecordingBeyond the Traditional Classroom: Designing and Exploiting Multipurpose, Dynamic Learning Spaces
Shannon Haley-Mize, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Education Elizabethtown College Ron Heasley Exec. Dir. of ITS Elizabethtown College
2/15/2017View Details1:00pm2:00pmView RecordingToto, We're Not in Chalkboard Land Anymore!
Albert Powell, Ph.D. Director, Learning Technologies Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO
2/15/2017View Details2:00pm3:00pmView RecordingAspiring to Excellence: Hallmarks of Excellence in Online Leadership
Vickie S. Cook, Director Center for Online Learning, Research and Service/Associate Research Professor of Education University of Illinois Springfield Ray Schroeder, Associate Vice Chancellor for Online Learning/Professor Emeritus University of Illinois Springfield & Director, UPCEA Center for Online Leadership
2/15/2017View Details3:00pm4:00pmView RecordingStudent Success in a Mobile Teaching and Learning Environment: Successes and Lessons
Rudy J. Sanchez, PhD Interim Vice President, Faculty Affairs Mary W. Paul, MA Faculty, Department of English Faculty Liaison, Center for Faculty Excellence
collapse Date : 2/16/2017 ‎(6)
2/16/2017View Details9:00am10:00amView REcordingInnovative Distance Education: Accessibility and Usability Training
Kara Zirkle, Accessible Technology Specialist Korey Singleton, Assistive Technology Initiative Manager
2/16/2017View Details10:00am11:00amView RecordingDisrupting the Traditional: Technology, Messy Classrooms, and Active Learning
Helen F. Hodges, PhD, RN, CNE Professor
2/16/2017View Details11:00amNoonView RecordingCreating Engaging and Scalable Online Faculty Presentations
Nima Salehi, MA Instructional Design and Assessment Specialist, School of Nursing, University of Minnesota Susan Tade, MPA Academic Technologist and Project Manager, Academic Technology Support Services, University of Minnesota
2/16/2017View Details1:00pm2:00pmView RecordingThree Tech Tools to Invigorate Student Writing
Madeline Craig, Ed.D. Assistant Professor, Division of Education Molloy College
2/16/2017View Details2:00pm3:00pmView RecordingTake the distance out of distance learning. Leveraging online presence and e-collaboration
Kelly Elander, Ph.D.
2/16/2017View Details3:00pm4:00pmView RecordingEmerging Faculty Development Models to Promote & Support Pedagogical Innovation
German E. Vargas Ramos
collapse Date : 2/17/2017 ‎(6)
2/17/2017View Details9:00am10:00amView RecordingAccessibility: Designing and Teaching Courses for All Learners
Meghan Pereira - Director of Instructional Design and Training Ginger Bidell Instructional - Designer
2/17/2017View Details10:00am11:00amView RecordingVirtual Classroom and Video Assignments
Dave Maurer: Solutions Engineer, D2L Cory Gaber: Senior Account Manager, D2L
2/17/2017View Details11:00amNoonView RecordingSupporting English Learners in Your Online Course
Cristina Cottom, Research Specialist, Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University- Worldwide
2/17/2017View Details1:00pm2:00pmView RecordingSmartphones Welcome: Utilizing Personal Devices in Active Learning
Richelle Brown, Lecturer Co-Presenters: Elaine Johnson, Lecturer Angela Lexmond, Lecturer Jessica Nevitt, Lecturer Shelly Scott-Harmon, Lecturer
2/17/2017View Details2:00pm3:00pmView RecordingAnalyzing and Mitigating Cheating and Impersonation in Online Courses: Is Technological Surveillance Sufficient?
Professor Jo Ann Oravec, MA, MS, MBA, PhD
2/17/2017View Details3:00pm4:00pmView RecordingEvolving Pedagogy: Using Educational Technology to Engage, Empower, and Inspire
Susan L. Petrucelli, Ed.D, Director of Developmental Education Julie R. Bodnar, M.A., Director of the Noonan Writing Center
collapse Date : 2/20/2017 ‎(6)
2/20/2017View Details9:00am10:00amView RecordingMix and Mash: Synchronous DE-With Student Perspective
Andrew Black, PhD, MBA, MSHI
2/20/2017View Details10:00am11:00amView RecordingThe Online Student Learning Experience: A Comprehensive Assessment Approach
Julie Hewitt, EdS, PhD Faculty Development, Assessment, and Research Distance Learning Center, University of Wisconsin-Platteville Amy Foley Advising and Outreach Program Manager and Functional Analyst Distance Learning Center, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
2/20/2017View Details11:00amNoonView RecordingAccessibility and the Art of Building Buy-In
Jessica Phillips, Sr. Instructional Designer and Strategic Initiatives Coordinator
2/20/2017View Details1:00pm2:00pmView RecordingReverse of the Nerds: Faculty Transformation from Online to Face-to-Face Environments
Lisha Bustos, MA Lead Instructional Designer Office of Education Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Laura M. Borgelt, PharmD, FCCP, BCPS, NCMP Associate Dean for Administration and Operations Professor, Departments of Clinical Pharmacy and Family Medicine Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
2/20/2017View Details2:00pm3:00pmView RecordingWhen Innovation and Reality Collide
Dr. Kim L. Siegenthaler, Director, Mizzou Online, University of Missouri Dr. Susan A. Elkins, Chancellor, Palmetto College, University of South Carolina Sandra Gladney, Executive Director, Academic Extension, University of Oregon Dr. Beth Laves, Associate Vice President of the Division of Extended Learning and Outreach, Western Kentucky University
2/20/2017View Details3:00pm4:00pmView RecordingExamining Interaction and Immediacy Behaviors in Distance Education
Kathy Bohnstedt, Ph.D, Researcher/Technical Writer, George Mason University
collapse Date : 2/21/2017 ‎(6)
2/21/2017View Details9:00am10:00amView RecordingHow Institutions Support Successful 21st Century Faculty
Alli Woods, Associate Vice Provost of Faculty Development Marsha Fortney, Faculty Training Specialist Ruth Markulis, Senior Instructional Technologist Misty Green, Instructional Designer Erica Ellsworth, Faculty Training Specialist
2/21/2017View Details10:00am11:00amView RecordingSocial Media Benefits and Barriers in Distance Learning
Laura McNeill Instructional Design Manager University of Alabama at Birmingham
2/21/2017View Details11:00amNoonView RecordingWeek 1: Getting Off to A Great Start in an Online Course
Lyda DiTommaso Downs, MC, PhD Melissa McDowell, Ed.M Laurie Bedford, PhD
2/21/2017View Details1:00pm2:00pmView RecordingSESSION MOVED TO WEDNESDAY AT NOON   Getting Back to Basics with ePedagogy: Using Classroom Technologies to Effectively Promote Student-Centered Learning
Dave Yearwood
2/21/2017View Details2:00pm3:00pmJoin SessionWow, I can Actually Invite a Guest Speaker in my Online Class!
C.L. Eddins Instructional Designer Berkeley College
2/21/2017View Details3:00pm4:00pmView RecordingTranslating Mobile Technology from the Classroom and Laboratory to the Real World
Claire DeCristofaro, MD Assistant Professor, Ashford University, Dept. of Behavioral Sciences, College of Health, Human Services, and Science Tracy P. George, DNP, APRN-BC, CNE Assistant Professor, Francis Marion University, School of Health Sciences
collapse Date : 2/22/2017 ‎(7)
2/22/2017View Details9:00am10:00amView RecordingOral Presentations and Group Meetings in the Virtual World: YouSeeU's Video Assignments and Virtual Classroom Meetings in Desire2Learn (D2L)
Dr. Kathleen M. Golden
2/22/2017View Details10:00am11:00amView RecordingThe courage to learn: Helping students take responsibility for their learning
Scott Gaier, Taylor
2/22/2017View Details11:00amNoonView RecordingMore Than Just A Document: Redesigning The Syllabus For Digital Environments
Laura Dicht, Instructional Designer
2/22/2017View Details12:00pm1:00pmJoin SessionGetting back to basics with ePedagogy: Understanding and effectively using classroom technologies to promote student centered learning environments
Dr. Dave Yearwood
2/22/2017View Details1:00pm2:00pmView RecordingBilingual Education in a Globalized World
Sara Zahra
2/22/2017View Details2:00pm3:00pmView RecordingClarion CLIL Competence Model (C3M):  Streaming US education majors into K-12 classrooms abroad
William R. Naugle, PhD Director, International Programs
2/22/2017View Details3:00pm4:00pmView RecordingCopyright for Online Educators in 45 Minutes. Yes, Really!
Thomas J. Tobin, PhD, MSLS, PMP, MOT Author and speaker
collapse Date : 2/23/2017 ‎(6)
2/23/2017View Details9:00am10:00amView RecordingUDL and What it Means for Online Instructors
Angela Atwell, Faculty Development Instructor Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide
2/23/2017View Details10:00am11:00amView RecordingEngage Me! Four Essential Steps to Interaction, Engagement, and Accessibility
Staci Graff, Instructional Designer Megan Leroy, Instructional Designer
2/23/2017View Details11:00amNoonView RecordingApplying QM to a Face-to-Face Course - Blending, Flipping, Extending: QM Beyond the Online
Stacey S. Cofield, PhD Associate Professor, Department of Biostatistics Chair, School of Public Health Online Education Committee
2/23/2017View Details1:00pm2:00pmView Recording50 Shades of Great: Course Design and Facilitation
Julie Hewitt, EdS, PhD Faculty Development, Assessment, and Research Distance Learning Center, University of Wisconsin-Platteville Caryn Stanley, MA, DBA (ABD), PHR, SHRM-CP Coordinator, Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership Program & Lecturer in the School of Business University of Wisconsin-Platteville
2/23/2017View Details2:00pm3:00pmView RecordingCollaborative Learning in Collaborative Spaces: Lessons Learned from Planning to Implementation
Dr. Jeffrey A. Zimmerman Professor of Economics and Finance Dr. Crystal L. Karn Assistant Professor of Marketing and Management
2/23/2017View Details3:00pm4:00pmView RecordingTransformative Learning: Going Mobile With Your Students
Shaun Beaty, Ph.D
collapse Date : 2/24/2017 ‎(6)
2/24/2017View Details9:00am10:00amView RecordingPreparing Faculty Members to Teach Online:  Comparing Institutional Processes
Lydia R. Frass, PhD, MPH, Senior Instructional Designer at the University of South Carolina’s Center for Teaching Excellence Ryan Rucker, EdD, MLIS, Instructor of Information Systems Technology at Midlands Technical College Gloria Washington, MBA, MA, Instructional Designer at the University of South Carolina’s Center for Teaching Excellence
2/24/2017View Details10:00am11:00amView SessionUsing Technology to Create an Interactive Syllabus
Kay A. Gowsell, Assistant Professor of Accounting, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College
2/24/2017View Details11:00amNoonView RecordingWhy Did I Not Know This?!: Accessibility Aha Lessons You Can Implement NOW
Alaina Beaver
2/24/2017View Details1:00pm2:00pmView RecordingWhen Technology and On-Site Learning Interface: My Journey from A Traditional to A Hybrid Course
Phyllis K. Adcock, Ph.D., Professor University of Nebraska, Omaha, Dept of Teacher Education
2/24/2017View Details2:00pm3:00pmView RecordingImplementing Flipped Classroom And Team-Based Learning In A Large Enrollment Course: Successes, Challenges And Next Step
Yi Jin, Ph.D. Candidate Iowa State University Nadia Jaramillo Cherrez, Ph. D. Student Iowa State University Wei Wang, Ph.D. Iowa State University
2/24/2017View Details3:00pm4:00pmView RecordingHow Undetectable Wearable Technology Will Affect Classrooms
Michael Bieber, Professor, Informatics Department, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Erick Sanchez Suasnabar, PhD Student, Informatics Department, New Jersey Institute of Technology,