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Collaborate Ultra Instructions

Blackboard Collabora​te with the Ultra experience is based on mod​ern web technologies including HTML 5 and WebRTC. You don't need to install Java or a launcher, as you did with the legacy version of Collaborate.

While Collaborate Ultra works with all common browsers, for the best experience use Google Chrome.

 Ultra Browser Chart.png


Audio: You have a choice to use either VOIP (computer microphone/h​eadset) or telephone.  To reveal the telephone number and PIN, click on my settings:

Ultra My Settings.png

A window appears on the right-hand side of the screen.  Click on “Use phone for audio” to reveal your phone number and unique PIN.

Ultra My Settings Window.png

NOTE: Be sure to mute your mic or phone when not speaking.


Ultra Basic Tools.png


Ultra Microphone Access.png

Ultra Audio Video Settings.png


Ultra My Settings Options.png