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How the Internship Program (THIS) Works

By involving students in the public policy practice, THIS provides an important and enriching academic experience. Students learn the dynamics of state government in new and powerful ways through direct involvement in report and speech writing, research, and program design and evaluation. In turn, policy makers benefit from the fresh points of view of these outstanding students.

Each student earns a total of 15 semester credit hours for the internship experience from the State System university in which they are enrolled. Nine credit hours are for the internship placement experience, three credit hours for completing an individualized directed project involving substantial research and analysis, and three credit hours are earned for participation in a rigorous academic seminar.

Student in THIS are responsible for tuition and fees as in any normal semester. A stipend of $4,000 is provided to assist with living expenses. Interested applicants should check with their local THIS Faculty Campus Coordinator for details.

Each applicant must have maintained at least a 3.0 grade point average in a minimum of 45 undergraduate credit hours at the time of application for placement during the junior or senior year. THIS welcomes students with any academic major. Every effort is made to tailor the student's internship placement to the academic major.

Each State System university selects its THIS representative independently. Application dates and deadlines vary slightly from campus to campus based on academic calendar. Each university has a THIS Faculty Campus Coordinator responsible for the THIS student selection process on that campus. These campus coordinators can provide application forms and information on the application process.

If you are interested in applying to participate in The Harrisburg Internship Semester, please contact the Campus Coordinator at your institution.​​​