Case-Based, Company-Driven Solutions

What about special situations where students develop design changes or problem solving in case-based learning on problems submitted by companies?

If students develop Intellectual Property while solving a problem in a "for credit" course using case-based learning based on externally-submitted (company, institute, or non-profit) problems:

·         The Intellectual Property belongs to the students if there is no agreement to the  contrary.

·         If sponsors want to retain Intellectual Property rights, they need to have students assign their Intellectual Property rights by signing the Student Intellectual Property Company Agreement at the first meeting of the project or course.

·         Students can choose to participate in projects requiring them to assign their rights.

·         Student must have a "non assignment" option, which allows them to complete alternate class work for equal credit.

·         Forms are available to deal with all of the situations requiring assignment, or notification of the sponsors of the research. For more detailed guidance, see Student Intellectual Property Agreements.

·         Faculty members have the responsibility to collect the appropriate Intellectual Property Agreement signed by the student at the first meeting of the project or course.