External Sponsored Work

·         Federal Sponsor or Federally-funded – Patents developed in whole or in part under Federally funded research, including prior federally funded research, are subject to the Bayh-Dole Act, in which case the University will elect to take title.

·         Non-federal Sponsor – Ownership Rights to inventions which are subject to the terms of a non-federally sponsored research or other agreement between the University and a third party are subject to the terms of the applicable agreement and prevailing laws, particularly Intellectual Property law. All parties should agree to written terms upon award of funding. An agreement shall be executed during the award negotiations and prior to expenditure of funds. Language (See Intellectual Property Policy Statement) will be incorporated into the research proposal in order to advise the sponsor of the University’s expectations.

·         Substantial Use – In the absence of current or prior federal funding or specific sponsor terms or specific sponsor rights, the ownership rights to the faculty created inventions shall be determined based on Substantial Use. (See Substantial Use of Funds or Facilities)