Material Support - THE PROCESS

Student receives Material Support from the University, including material support for work for academic credit.

1.      Student receives approval or finalizes arrangements with academic department or faculty for Material Support beyond the standard.

2.      Approving authority (i.e. the department chair or director, faculty advisor) provides student with the Student Technology Transfer Guide and secures student’s signature on a Student Intellectual Property University Agreement.

3.      Approving authority forwards the Student’s forms to the University Authorized Officials or designee.

4.      Student participates in research and makes or contributes to a discovery or invention.

5.      Student completes Technology Disclosure or signs Principal Investigator’s disclosure as a “co-Inventor”.

·         After-the-fact determination of “Beyond the Standard” may occur frequently. When a student is named as an Inventor on a disclosure it is imperative to determine if they are a PASSHE employee or a PASSHE student who received Material Support beyond the standard. The correct agreements are then secured from the student before proceeding.

6.      University (using PSRF services) evaluates the invention for commercial potential and patentability.

7.      Student’s interest in the invention is assigned to the University or University “releases” to the student.