Intellectual Property Agreement Responsibilities

The University Senior Sponsored Research Administrator (See University Authorized Officials) will ensure that all named project personnel (including staff, consultants, and students) shall acknowledge their duty to disclose and assign inventions, as appropriate, when submitting sponsored research proposals for institutional approvals, including internally sponsored projects (See Intellectual Property Policy Statement for appropriate language). The Bayh-Dole Act requires inventor(s) to disclose inventions arising out of federally assisted research to the University, and to assign ownership when the University elects title, so a formal agreement pledging cooperation with these guidelines and the patent process, shall be signed at proposal submission of any federally funded grant or contract proposal, or continuation of prior federally assisted research, or any non-federally sponsored grant or contract proposal. The Senior Sponsored Research Administrator shall ensure these agreements are signed at the time of the proposal submission. The requirement to have individuals identified above sign an Intellectual Property Agreement arises from:

·         The University's obligations under the federal Bayh-Dole Act to patent and effectively transfer inventions arising from federally sponsored research results to industry for the public benefit and to grant the government a license to use such inventions for government purposes

·         The University's compliance with contract terms under industry-sponsored research

·         The University's responsibility to protect the Intellectual Property of University personnel. It is not intended to restrict the free exchange of scholarly information or prohibit free and open collaborations between scholars or scientists. It is specifically directed toward those situations in which the development of new technology is targeted.